Chibeh by The 496th Silverbolt


The 496th Silverbolt

17 June 2017 at 17:58:03 MDT

1 1/2 years old
1ft 9 in
American Shorthair/???

(Reuploaded from DA)

Phew… I finally got around to updating Chibeh’s design. I’m still working on Chibeh in regards to his overall character, but for now, here’s the information I have on him. At this stage, I’m aware that this character doesn’t look particularly fleshed out in terms of his behavior and such.
Still, critiques are always appreciated and welcomed.

Height/Length info: 1ft 9in tall (w/out tail, 17 inches long, w/ tail, 6 in added, or 23 in long)
Behavior: Although he dislikes interacting with other cats, Chibeh at least acknowledges that sometimes he does need help from other cats. Cats that may be interested in him despite his introverted nature are often put off by his cynicism and selfishness. When he does temporarily partner up with someone, however, Chibeh is known to be surprisingly loyal if the deal made is tipped in his favor. His curiosity, like many cats, is very much existent, which can sometimes conflict with him if, say, humans or human contraptions are involved in the mix.
TLDR Version of Behavior: Introverted, selfish, cynical, energetic when awake, curious.
Anatomy Notes: His somewhat lithe build leaves him vulnerable to larger cats that can brute force their way to victory. As such, Chibeh is especially cooperative with larger cats. This does mean, however, that his agility is exceptionally noteworthy, giving him at least the ability to outmaneuver foes. With all of his canines having the intent of being sharp and cone-like, his bites are especially painful. His somewhat peculiar tail shape has a tendency to throw off his balance at times. Chibeh’s eyes, along with his light blue markings, can glow red or a very pale blue respectively. The glowing ability is usually used for intimidation purposes only. However, this is a last resort, as he prefers to keeps his glowing abilities a secret for the sake of surprise. Due to having short whiskers, he has a rougher time when it comes to focusing on objects really close to his face compared to other cats.
Diet: Tactics to receive meat are often through scaring others into giving him food or hunting for food that cats normally go after, so he's usually hanging around city areas and other urbanized places. As a feral cat, however, being an opportunist is essential for living; as such, scavenging isn’t out of the question.

Likes: Meat, the Japanese language, and forests.
Dislikes: Interacting with other animals, declawing
Other: One of Chibeh's greatest fears is being declawed. This, among other factors that he detests about the more domesticated life of a cat (Ex: Having a collar on and possibly being indoors 24/7), makes him avoid other humans unless he's trying to receive food, which can be either easier or more difficult due to his appearance. Chibeh tries living over near an area that has a beach and a town inhabited by humans nearby, but also with some sort of area containing other wildlife. This way, he can have two possible areas to get food from. He was also spayed when he was two months old.
Bio: (WIP/N/A)

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