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17 June 2017 at 17:25:45 MDT

2ft 7in (.79m approximately)
Robotic cat

(This is reuploaded from Deviantart since I was having difficulty updating the original ref. I'm hoping to get this account more active in the future. In addition, I am open to critiques on this drawing, but keep in mind that the drawing/description was created almost a year ago.)

I updated the reference sheet since the anatomy needed some updating, among other things that I wanted to clarify.

(A sick eye of Central's has the word 'error in it, while a near death eye of Central's has the words 'Critical error' in it)

Also, I did use this photo of mine to attempt (Key word: Attempt) to show Central's teeth and such more clearly): http://silverbolt496.deviantart.com/art/A-domesticated-cat-reference-photo2-475110381

Phewf! This took quite a bit of my day to make. I'm glad to have finished it though. This one needed a reference sheet xD

Central is technically genderless, but they prefer being referred to as a female, and may even feel insulted if called a different gender. She's a robotic cat of sorts 'species' wise.

Anatomy: 5ft long, Central was built to roughly resemble a snow leopard with a couple of Norwegian cat references sprinkled onto her design. She's completely furless, and as a result is heavily discouraged from water due to the limited protection she has against it. Due to the amount of mechanical parts inside, Central is a great deal heavier than the average snow leopard, and as such has her balancing/running capeabilities hindered. Heck, it's an achievement of hers if she manages to outrun Chibeh... She's that slow at running. However, she makes up for this by being rather sturdy and containing really good physical strength, especially compared to the average cat.

Power button: The power button on Central's neck isn't a button that you can just press to shut them off (or kill them, if you want to put it that way too.). It's merely an indicator of when she's sleeping and such. Trying to press it will aggravate her though.

Her tail with the USB at the end of it acts not only as a way to comminicate with others via internet provided services, but it can also a way for her to receive energy without sleeping, provided the contraption with the USB port will actually detect the USB as something like a phone.

Plug-in port: There is a plug-in port on her back. This is mainly used to power other electronics during an emergency (Such as a blackout), or updating her AI system using the flash drive ports if a computer's not around for convience sake. More often than not, however, the item plugged in will cause her to slip into a coma-like state until the item is unplugged. Plugging in a surge protector to allow even more electronics to plug in is heavily discouraged, as it may overwhelm her body's normal functions to the point of possibly dying.

Max waz here tattoo: Their right hind leg contains some sort of graffiti that indicates a plug-in port. However, this tattoo is merely a sort of joke between the original designer of her and a friend of their's, as indicated by the words 'Max waz here'. Originally, there was going to be a plug-in port on Central's right hind leg, but due to technical issues this idea was scrapped, and the plug-in port ended up on her back instead.

Speech: While Central was made to try to have a life of her own, the original maker of her also wanted to have characteristics that would also be useful for other humans. As such, she speaks English just fine, albeit sounding like a computer generated female voice, but a voice nonetheless. She can speak to other animals in the respective 'animal dialect' (Rough variation of the international language, English, that other animals began developing on as of late). The speaker inside of her mouth is where the speech comes from.

Diet/Energy resource: Central doesn't need to eat food per say to survive. She mainly just needs electricity for energy's sake. If she's not given electrcity for, say, 1-2 weeks, Central will fall into a comotose state until she's properly recharged (Which can take 3 days to a week, depending on the device recharging her). Her nose mainly serves as a dectector of other things around her, as do her whiskers, while the yellow teeth inside serve as another defense mechanism.

Behavior: When she's not helping out other humans, Central's often seen exploring areas such as a forest, (which is usually not done without her human maker there as well due to liability issues and whatnot (Unless it's a closed off area like a backyard). She usually prefers talking to Chibeh, although they're not as talkative as she is, so conversations may feel a bit forced and awkward. Central can be overtly sensitive about certain subjects sometimes, especially when it's involving the gender she identifies herself as. In spite of this, she can be relatively gentle and usually does not attack unless she feels threatened. By the same token, however, Central sometimes finds herself in a situation where she's just beating herself up mentally, which can make situations quite awkward for those that know her to a certain degree. Others may also end up walking all over her due to her more secretive nature when it comes to expressing her opinion. Despite these moments when Central realizes she's in such a situation, she's usually rather eager to meet anyone new.

Her primary list of likes includes activites such as exploring, chatting with others, and watching the night sky, while her primary dislikes include things like realizing someone's walking all over her, being constantly disliked by others around her, water, rain, trolls, whenever her USB flash drives refuses to connect to the internet properly, and whenever she detects a horrible internet signal.

Brief backstory (This may and will be especially subject to change, since the current information shown here is semi-filler): Central's design was originally going to be used more or less as something for a fictional piece of art form, but by the time her animatronic design was 50% complete, the original designer of her decided to try to input artificial intelligence and make an robotic snow leopard sized cat with AI. After years and years of technical difficulties and redesigning, Central was finally finished.

Please do not use the artwork/character in this piece without my permission unless it falls under fair use!

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