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Hugh Forric


29 April 2017 at 05:40:57 MDT

Hugh Forric
6'6" feet
Don't ask
Vintage Inkblot Toon Human

This character is what happens when you take the "euphoric fedora" meme stereotype and give him billions of dollars! I also want to thank Kuya for coming up with some character traits (such as Hugh being a walking piggy-bank and others)!!!

Likes: Luxury food, cold hard cash, collecting rare objects, being large and in charge, vintage alcohol, playing ragtime piano
Dislikes: Poor people, health food and small portions, karma, exercise, gold-diggers, stalkers, the word "no"

Extra Facts:

  • Though he may look like a huge nerd, Hugh is actually not stereotypically nerdy. He only collects and displays rare objects to lord it over everyone else, or to sell and make a profit.
  • Hugh is extremely disingenuous and puts on an act in public spaces. Curiously, he only buttons up the bottom buttons on his jacket during public appearances. He calls it his "two-button rule" and it helps him "restrain" himself from displaying his true behaviour. Fortunately for him, only some of his staff and the most crazy of celebrity stalkers know about this weird "tell".
  • Hugh Forric and Ijinks H. Iwerx are rival film directors. Hugh prefers quality over quantity, while Ijinks' films are made cheap, fast and numerous.
  • He and Ijinks are the same age and "species". Both of them mysteriously vanished in 1939, only to return 50 years later without having aged a day.

There's also 3 silly puns in his name!
1. "Hugh Forric" sounds like "Euphoric".
2. His first name and middle initial "Hugh J." spells "huge".
3. In his full name, the first syllables of his first and middle names "Hubert Jasper Forric" sound like "huge ass"!

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