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Name/Gem: Royal Blue Sodalite

Gem type: Tectosilicate Mineral

Nicknames: Soda


Height: 5'0

Relationship Status: Single


Abilities: Regeneration, shapeshifting, can bubble up stuff, can summon her weapon, can manipulate wind

Gem Placement: Forehead

Origin: Homeworld

Current Residence: Earth

Fusion theme:

Alliance: Crystal Gems

Fusion dance: Hip Hop

Personality: Sodalite is a caring gemstone who will help anyone in need. She's mostly easy going but will become violent when necessary. She will however, joke around as a way to calm others or to have a good time. She likes going for adventures wherever it may take her or whatever happens but even she gets worried about things such as her friends. She likes to dance in her free time, no matter where she is. She's energetic around people and is strong when she's with her friends who give her motivation and strength to do what needs to be done. When she's angry, she goes to a place where she can scream because she'll feel embarrassed if she's caught screaming. She's also very playful since she likes to mess around with people and play pranks on them. She sometimes feel possessive over someone she likes but tries not to show it and can be very clingy when feeling left out. Whenever she feels left out, she gets envious.

Likes: Music, Junk food, Soda, upbeat music, dancing, swimming, hanging out with her friends, partying, relaxing, robots, watching cartoons, adventures, making new friends,

Dislikes: Bullies, getting her clothes dirty, rudeness, show offs, snobs, certain humans, liars, fighting, being blamed for something she didn't do, getting bossed around

History: When Sodalite was formed, she was assigned to a Lapis Lazuli who became her manager. Sodalite did several things for Lapis and would always be told to follow them around in case there was something that needed to be done. Sodalite would be beaten up every time she had made a mistake or for no reason at all. One day, Sodalite had enough of being mistreated and had left her post while Lapis wasn't looking. She left Homeworld on a ship and towards Earth, though it took her some time to figure out all the controls for the ship. Finding out that Sodalite left her post, Lapis deemed her as a traitor and refused to tell Blue Diamond so that they wouldn't be seen as a failure. Lapis plans on having their revenge on Sodalite. Now every time Sodalite sees a Lapis, she'll become very frightened and get flashbacks of her tortured past.

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