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Davis McKane - Police Officer


19 March 2017 at 11:28:28 MDT

Davis McKane - Police Officer
169 lbs
Gray Wolf

Physical Description:

Davis is a gray wolf with an athletic build and short brown hair. When not in uniform he tends to dress in a brown jacket and jeans.

Biographical Data:

Davis McKane was born to a military family. As such the family moved frequently having to rely on each other for stability. As the eldest sibling Davis was expected to help take care of his sister when his mother was out at work or otherwise occupied. He enjoyed being Lucy's big brother and spent many happy days as a child on one base or another playing with her in the backyard.

As they reached their teen years the news came back that their father had been killed in action. Afterwards their mother moved them to the suburbs and worked in a factory where she raised her two pups on her own.

Davis continued to help his mother whenever possible and being there for Lucy whenever she needed someone to watch over her.

Personal Statement:

"My name is Davis McKane. I've moved seven times in six years when I was a kid. I never really got attached to too many people except for my mom, dad, and sister. When dad died it was hard on all of us. I had to be the alpha in some ways though we always knew mom was the real alpha after dad died. I did everything I could to help out, especially watching over my sister Lucy. She's a shy girl but if anyone ever tries to make her cry they'll have to answer to me.

When you're raised in a wolf pack you learn what it means to be there for your family. Wolves are all about the pack mentality and it isn't a bad thing when done right. You protect your own. You stand with your friends and loved ones. Together we are stronger than we are alone. Maybe that's why I became a cop. I don't like bullies and I don't like people thinking they can do what they want just because they're stronger than someone else.

When we grew up and Lucy and I moved out things changed, but I always promised mom I'd be there for both her and Lucy. I'll never stop taking care of both of them. I just wish dad were still here to see me put on my uniform. Protect and defend. It's what McKane's do."

Character is   Laurenrivers
Art by   squeakie

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