Hwyr ("Avalon Archives" character) by Prostapheresys

Hwyr ("Avalon Archives" character)


2 October 2016 at 07:05:05 MDT

Hwyr ("Avalon Archives" character)
1,90 meters at the shoulder
898 kg
Unicorn/Nightmare crossbreed
  • POWER(S):
    Invisibility: if startled, he is capable of becoming invisible for a brief period of time, enough to get far away from any danger. (Magical ability)
    Dream-crossing: He is capable of entering inside people’s dreams and “feed”, or so it appears to be according to witnesses, on their emotions. Apparently, a lack of a certain feeling makes the opposite stronger, because the victim tends to awake feeling an excess of the opposite emotion; no permanent harm or side-effects are known. [INCOMPLETE SECTION. FURTHER EVALUATION PENDING]

  • BIO:
    Hwyr is a mysterious and sometimes even bizarre creature: he barely eats, he is smarter than any animal but still behaves just like an ordinary horse and no matter how well contained he is, he will always find a way to escape from the stables whenever he wants to roam in the open fields around Memory Bay. Being neither benevolent or maleficent, most people simply let him be as they feel a mix of awe and amazement towards him.
    The amount of rumors regarding him and his origins are almost uncountable and often exaggerated as they seem to draw more inspiration from old folklore and legends rather than from facts and witnesses; the fact that a unicorn and a nightmare managed to have an offspring is admittedly pretty legendary by itself though. Hwyr’s ability to enter people’s dreams and its effect on them is also equally awe-inspiring: many propositions have been made to explain in detail its mechanism but to no avail. Luckily he doesn’t use it too often, so people are not bothered too much to know that such a creature could visit them in their sleep.

Adoptable character made by Carota17 on FA!

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