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26 October 2015 at 05:58:56 MDT

Hybrid Dragon

Artist Credit:

Reference Sheet by MusicOfLuie MusicOfLuie
You can find most pictures of Levi here (fully credited with links of course) if you need more reference.


Levi is my fursona, hence we share names. He was designed with the intention of being as approachable and harmless as possible. So he has no fangs, claws or anything of the sorts. He's very non-violent in general. He likes to cuddle, sleep, watch movies and listen to music.

Color Scheme:

His color scheme was very carefully selected with hours spent trying to find a non-grayscale color that would mix well with red. Plenty of time in Adobe Color CC allowed me to eventually mix something that i was very happy with. His color scheme is a mix of Maroon, Indian Red, Wheat and Seashell.
He's striped at the end of his limbs and has markings along the outside of his upper arms with two Indian Red stripes for each arm as well as three similar markings going down his lower back, the last one touching the root of his tail.
The seashell color is only present on his belly.


Levi's anatomy is intentionally very toony which means that some proportions might look strange in certain styles. Feel free to adjust as needed if your style isn't toony.

General body shape is pear-like, he's a bit bottom heavy.
His tail is very thick, often times being dragged along the ground/floor but can easily lift as well, especially if he's excited. The tail is thick enough for him to be able to sit on it.
His arms are about average, slight muscle toning can be added to the upper arms if you want to. His hands are very large and toony, slightly chubby as well. I recommend looking at FlintEatswood's painting of Levi for reference, it's a very good reference for the tail as well.
Levi's legs and paws are heavily inspired from toony kangaroos, they're digitigrade. He only has paw pads on his actual paws, not the hands. They consist of three toe pads and one large pad below those three. The paws are big and long. His toes are very thick, the middle toe being somewhat thicker than the other ones.

His muzzle can be a curved rectangle shape or circular depending on your preference. At the front edges of his mouth he has a couple of "spines" (don't know what they're actually called, sorry). These are not to be confused with teeth.
His cheeks are drawn similar to that of a fox. His ears are a little hard to explain but if you look at this and the other references you'll get a pretty good idea of their shape and size.
His tongue is thick at the base and tapers off to an angled shape at the tip. Nothing all that particular about it.
The nostrils are typically dragon-like.

The hairstyle is sort of like an undercut, he has no hair on the back or the sides of his head at all, the general shape is a little like a wave. It starts out poofy at the top and back, extending forwards and curving down into "bangs" that curve back up slightly at the very end.
His chest-fluff is relatively easy, it's heartshaped and goes all the way around his neck as clearly shown in Luie's reference. Note again that he has no hair in the back of his head.

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