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Zorayda (Feral)
Young Adult

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Zor, Zora, Z, Zorry



young adult

Character Description
Zorayda is full of life and love for others. She is fun-loving, bright, and cheerful--namely, an extrovert. She gains comfort in company and loves attention or giving others attention. She can be a little bit absent-minded at times, but she nearly always means well. Zor is passionate, loving, and easy to make friends with, and has a very big protective streak of those she thinks needs this protection. She hates bullies and cruelty and can't stand to be disliked by anyone.

She is original and creative, coming up with solutions to problems that are innovative and useful. She delights in having debates with others or trying to see things from another view and tries to keep an open mind. She's not that great of a huntress, but she's an amazing cub sitter, confidante, and friend. When she gets bored, she can be seen taking to the air and enjoying the wind and sky.
Zor is sweet and polite and very charming in her own ditzy way. She is closed off about her secrets, however, and keeps the topics to small talk. Around others she likes or acquaintances, Zor lets go a bit and jokes a bit more. With trusted or loved ones, she is all of the above and more--and with very few, she will share her dark secrets, fears, or insecurities. It is a mark of true love from Zor to have her speak to you about her worries or sadness, since she normally hides this from everyone.

Likes: Nature, long talks, flying, freedom, compliments
Dislikes: Bullies, hunting, feeling stupid or useless, being disliked by others

-Birthplace and Childhood-Zorayda was too young to remember her birth family, so this part of her history is unknown to her. She was taken in by a pride of lions that had no special talents such as her own. At first, they wanted to leave her because of these strange powers and because of her abnormal wings... but the king insisted that they take her in, because he could not abandon a little cub such as she. This proved to be a good decision later on. As she grew up, she learned to fly from the birds in the lands, which she befriended. To present day, she refuses to hunt any fowl and instead goes for land animals. One day, a threat came to the pride--a rival pride that was smaller but renowned for their battling skills. Using her darkness ability, Zorayda saved her pride from certain death and was praised by the pride's king. But when he died a few years later, his heir, who had been angry Zorayda was ever taken in, kicked her out as a rogue. She was forced to learn to hunt on her own and survive, which thankfully was easy because of her wings.
-Love-When Zorayda found out that there were other beings with magical talent scattered across the land, she was overjoyed and thought that she could find a mate among them. Though she did have a few romances here and there, though, she never found anyone she wanted to settle with.

-To present day-Zorayda has found a pride to stay with, all of whom have magic in their veins. She has made friends and considers this pride her family, though she often misses that old king from the pride in her childhood.

She does not remember her family, nor why she was given away; she does have vague memories of a large lion male with a white mane, carrying her in his mouth. Zor often wonders if her family is still out there...

A world just like Earth, only no known humans exist and magical animals are real.

Starting from nose to tail… Zorayda’s muzzle is fairly short and rounded, as are her cheekbones and eyes. Her eyes are dichromatic, with four black spots marking the underside of the right eye. She has a mane of sorts that starts from between her shoulder blades and gets longer until it hangs loosely over the right side of her face. Her left ear sports two silver hoop earrings on the outer edge of the ear. Her paws have a strange, splotched marking on each of them that vary in how high they reach, though none of these markings go past halfway up the leg. Her wings are a soft gray and resemble a snowy owl’s rounded wings, which also makes them silent in flight. Her belly is fairly rotund, though not morbidly obese, and each of her joints has a padding that makes it tough to see any pointed joints. Her tail ends in a gray tuft and has two silver hoops encircling the base of the tuft.

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