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Albedo Wight


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Albedo Wight
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Albedo Wight is my Fallout 3/NV/4 character and gets much of his story and background from that. For those who haven't played either of those, this means he was born in an underground vault in Washington D.C. around 2258, almost 200 years after a nuclear war ravaged the world. After a few years there, he traveled by foot to the Mojave Desert, where New Vegas takes place. He's not special enough to be the one person frozen in time in FO4, so to me, he's just a raider who showed up in Massachusetts. I currently don't have a good enough reason why he's with the rest of my character in a more current-time place, but he is.

Personality-wise, he's somewhat arrogant, quick to anger, and as unstable as someone who has lived in the Wastelands would probably be. He takes a lot of risks based on his perception of his own abilities and how well he thinks the situation is going, which somehow often works in his favor. Calls it a "survivor's intuition". He sleeps at odd hours and often just whenever he can, living most days as they come and being very much into the "here and now" of it all. Al has learned to trust people more since joining the others here, but is still not exactly a people-person in any good way. He's working on it. I'd consider him Chaotic Neutral. There's some good left in his heart, but it's buried deep under mistrust and mental scars. Had he been born without the war, he would have been a decent person. Thanks to that war though, Albedo is a raider, gun-for-hire, and kind of a bastard. His IQ is around 80.

As for what he looks like physically, he's about average height for a male human, has slightly tanned skin, and appears caucasian despite actually being biracial. It almost never comes up, but he doesn't acknowledge it due to feelings of letting his parents down (feelings that he denies). Albedo has vibrant blue eyes and naturally very light blond hair, which he keeps bleached white and in a mohawk. He has a strong build, focusing on upper body strength and endurance. Sniper training and tinkering with mechanics has helped him gain steady hands, but when he isn't actively doing something, he's normally moving about and fiddling with things.

His parents, being science-y people, named him "Albedo" at birth because of his hair, which appeared white before darkening slightly to a light blond in his childhood. An object's albedo is the extent which it reflects light, and comes from the Latin word for white. Their last name (which is never stated ingame, to my knowledge, so therefore I get to make it up) was Wight, pronounced the same as the color. Whenever someone gets the joke about his name sounding like it could be White White, he scowls and remarks that his parents probably did it as a big joke at his expense.

Albedo also has several notable scars and marks on his that he's gained during his travels. The one on his neck is from a garrote demonstration that got slightly out of hand (he likes to show off the scar even though he wasn't in danger when it happened), the marks on the back of his head are from pulling bullet pieces out (seeing how he's my Fallout: New Vegas character, and the way that game starts and whatnot), and the line over the side of his head is where robots took his brain out. They put it back eventually though. He still has the jagged scar down his spine where they took that out as well, replacing it with a metal one, which he decided to keep.

I also pick up the Cannibalism perk every chance I get with him.

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