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16 September 2015 at 05:03:17 MDT

Early 30's
5'3'' at shoulder
Gryphon (wind elemental)

This is Griffon. He's a gryphon. Originally, he was a human mercenary who was killed in action and was reincarnated into this form by elemental forces, imbuing him with control of wind and air. Aeromancy I guess? Because he was a human who became a gryphon, he lost his actual name gradually when people started referring to him as "the gryphon" (the difference in spelling is because I like his spelling and kept it as his name, but got used to the 'fantasy' spelling for the species from things like WoW.) He's aggressive, dominant, and German. Very little sense of humor. Griffon acts as a commander to the two dragon mercs, Salamander and Skullamander.

He's large enough to ride on and can carry a single rider on his back during flight, but really prefers not to unless it's important. Being half eagle and half lion, he's built for stealth, agility, and speed. "Lanky" is a good word to describe his physique. The featherfur on his front half is thick and coarse, shielding him in flight from harsh, cold winds, and the fur on his back half has a thick undercoat, but is shorter and softer than the front. He has a full set of sharp teeth inside his beak, but lacks the normal 4 large fangs, instead having all the teeth roughly the same size. The beak itself is as sharp as you'd expect a predatory bird's to be and has a dark purple cere.

A few things to note that didn't seem to fit on the image:

  • Being an elemental, he can speak a language shared by those of many mancy proficiencies, such as elemental pyromancers, geomancers, hydromancers, etc.
  • Aeromancy is the closest thing I can find to what he does. He practices control of wind and air pressure.
  • He is of German (raised) and Haitian (genetic) descent. Speaks with a German accent.
  • There's a powered-up version of this form with runes on it that almost never gets used, seen here
  • He has quite an alpha personality. Nature born leader, stubborn, confident. Ambivert bordering on introvert.
  • Once had a semi-relationship fling with a tigress.
  • His name comes from the fact that he was known as a human associated with gryphons, so they just called him Griffon. (It was back when I only spelled it griffon, but I've since switched to gryphon for the species.) He has abandoned his real name. Whenever I need a first and last name, his name is Wind Griffon.
  • Being part eagle and part lion, he has a strong prey drive and keen senses. Both cats and raptors have crazy good sight. His eyes are reflective.
  • I have a Beast Mastery hunter and Wind Walker (formerly Fistweaver) monk in WoW modeled after him. Using the Discovery leather transmog and Gryphon Mail mail transmog sets.
  • Species name can be any spelling, but his actual name is always spelled like in the image.
  • The "feather fur" thing shows what covers his eagle half. It's like a fluffy down feather, but kinda more like fur than down. Imagine semi-soft, bristle fur attached to a quill. It's thick and sturdy and helps keep him warm.
  • He dwells in the mountains and thrives off cold temperatures, deer, rabbits, and solitude.
  • Griffon is often visited by Kalt, a monstrous human-like being that lives in the wilderness around him. He acts a leader to the strange humanoid and is attempting to teach him English. They are often seen together, or at least with Kalt lurking near by, and are described as a "black hunter with a white shadow" because of it.

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