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Midnight City


14 September 2015 at 16:36:35 MDT

Midnight City
124 lbs
Pariah dog

COPY AND PASTED FROM ELSEWHERE- He's still a work-in-progress as far as his world and background, but here we go! My central location all the other stuff of mine happens in is sort of a hub world for other travelers, and Midnight is one of the ones to come from elsewhere. His world is a massive (3-4x Earth size) planet with 2 massive cities at opposite ends. I guess the term for is is tidal locking, but the sun is always directly above one city, leaving the other city in a permanent state of midnight. The atmosphere is very thick and helps distribute the heat so the day city doesn't fry and the night city doesn't freeze. Probably not really possible, but I like the idea so much that I'm willing to throw actual science out the window for a little bit lol. Midnight's from the night city, and because they're shrouded in darkness with a slightly glowing horizon (which is kind of unreachable for whatever reason, still working on it) and no natural light, they worship what little light they have made. It's sort of a future-tech cyber gothic 1800's city. There are priests that can conjure light, and Midnight is among them. His real name translates roughly to "The lights shining through the city of midnight" but everyone outside of his home just calls him Midnight City. He plays violin, dabbles in alchemy, and mostly keeps to himself. he has a glowing pendant that reminds him of home and wears it everywhere- sleeping, showering, fighting, doesn't matter. When he's in his plague doctor gear, he's very driven, brave, and headstrong. When he's off duty, he's shy, quiet, and introverted.

I sometimes play him in video games, and it's almost always a spell caster. in world of Warcraft, he's a warlock specializing in casting curses and shadow magic, in Terraria he's a standard caster/mage build, he's my medic in TF2, and I like to play as he would when I'm Plague Daddy in SCP Secret Labs.

Midnight is a pariah dog and plague doctor created roughly around Nov 2014. I play a ton of TF2, and my Medic loadout is the plague doctor stuff, so I wanted something based around that, and being a furry made me want an anthro as opposed to a human. He's very quiet, almost never speaking, and when he does, it's in a very soft voice and often muffled a bit by his mask. His real full name is something like "The Lights That Shine Through the City of Midnight" translated from his native language. His origin is unknown, but it can be safely assumed it's not from the timeline or place he's currently in. The universe he's currently residing in (with the rest of my characters) has gotten travelers before, both from others times and and other spaces. His methods of medicine are a little outdated, but effective. The leather robes, gloves, and paw-shoe things cover all of his skin and fur, with his tail either under the robe or in a wrapping of leather. If he wore different shoes and stood up uncomfortably straight, he could hide the fact that he was a dog.

He's named after one of my favorite songs, although I only named him about 6 months after I made him.

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