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14 September 2015 at 05:42:47 MDT

Mid 30's
5'6'' at shoulder
Dragon (fire elemental)

Edit Aug 2017- Made a couple small changes while I was reworking part of his design. He can now have wings like Salamander's that can either be out or "hidden" (just sorta... not there) when he pleases. Small change made to Sala's wings as well - they can now also be hidden. Skulla likes his wings hidden to slim down his form, but Sala likes having them out.

Edit April 2016- Made his mouth colors purple. I've been debating doing it for a while. Goes better with his blue colors.

Edit Oct 2015- Updated hat color, made a few tiny changes, tweaked info and added note about eye glow. Added extra note to image description.

The following is copied from my DeviantArt because I'm lazy and there's a lot to say about Skulla. For context, I'll have to get a really good pic of the other character mentioned, Salamander, and upload that later.

  • He came through to the main world during testing of a teleporter device Salamander was helping Novaa and her scientists with. When he stepped through, there was a blinding flash, a loud bang, and both Sala and Skulla were thrown from the device. Skullamander knew everyone's names and the layout of the island and facility, but nobody knew who he was. It is possibly these are Salamander's memories, and he was created during the blast somehow.

    -Aside from his colors, mask, and lack of wings, he is identical to Salamander, just very slightly smaller. Same paws, chest-plates, voice, personality, and almost the exact same proportions, the only difference being Skullamander is longer-legged than Salamander.

    -He's actually based on my TF2 pyro. I wanted a new identity on Steam (and in games) that was different from Salamander (my old Steam name) but still similar. Back then, I wore a Pyromancer's Mask, Bonedolier, and Coffin Kit. All the skulls, along with the name Salamander, were put together to make the name Skullamander. His green fire breath is because I have Spectral Flames on my flamethrower, giving it green fire instead of natural-orange when Halloween mode is enabled on a server. (I now wear a (black original-style) Terror-Watt Pyromancer's, lime Flamboyant Flamenco, and strange Charred Chainmail.)

    -Unlike Sala, he isn't, nor has he ever been, in any military groups. He only became a mercenary after coming here.

    -Being from France, he very much enjoys speaking French when he knows no one can understand him. He's a bit mischievous and likes to mess with people. He's also a bit arrogant (but what dragon isn't?)

    -I have 2 WoW characters modeled after him, identical twin Paladin (prot/ret, 60 twink) and Death Knight (Unholy), both engineering/mining with blue plate transmog.

    -Being my gaming identity, he has characteristics or aspects from several games. He has combat armor similar to an Azure Drake mount's.

    -His eyes glow faintly, but the light is almost always overpowered by the flame's bright cyan glow.

    -When wearing his hat, there are no flames on the front of his skull. He can turn the flames off or, because he is a pyromancer, lower the temperature to around 100 Fahrenheit.

    -Skullamander recently gained the ability to produce bright green lightning around his skull mask, but can't control it well or harness it for anything useful. Mostly used for fun or an aggressive display when he's pissed.

Edit Nov2016- Tweaked some info to make his size more accurate. He's roughly horse-sized.

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