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Circuit by Unex



Fox (cyborg)

Well, it was about time I made a ref sheet for Circuit xD Now all of my characters have one! Yay! :D

Zephyr, the inventor, has tried creating artificial life many times, and after 19 failed attempts, his 20th model was successful! Circuit FP20, better known simply as Circuit, is a fully functional fox cyborg; half of his body is organic, half is metallic and synthetic. His flesh, however, is of a rather unnatural color; all his insides are purple.

He may appear to be wearing robotic parts, but they're actually part of his body and can't be removed, except for his metallic tail, which's attached to him through a powerful magnetic connection. Circuit's tail is considerably dangerous, as it's made of very pointy metal spikes, so being able to remove it at will is a safety precaution that needs to be taken at times; but Circuit hates removing his tail (he's proud of that thing!), so he barely ever actually removes it even when it's the most sensible thing to do.

Circuit's generally a nice guy, even though he can be kind of cocky and reckless at times. He's not afraid to take risks, which can be either very nice or very dangerous depending on what situation he finds himself in. But he believes he can defend himself very well in case of emergencies, since he can actually swap his arms for weapons at will, including machine guns and grenade launchers.

Even though Circuit is a cyborg, he's still got to eat like any fully organic life form. Any kind of normal food is good fuel for him, but he's also able to eat and digest almost any kind of object, as he's got a very powerful stomach that releases small charges of electricity to help his digestion.

He can also eat entire people, digest them and store some of their abilities in a memory chip he's got on his left arm. He can instantly learn new skills this way, as he "steals" them from his digested prey, as long as it's something he's physically capable of doing, like learning how to use a tool or speaking a different language! But the better the skill is, the more memory space if takes up, so he's got to erase old skills from his memory chip to make room for new ones he wants.

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