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Ulver by Skautch




Setting: The fantasy world of Eltaren

The massive capital city of Farrow's sprawling ocean ports have served as a major point of trade in the world of Eltaren for generations. In recent years, however, Farrow's economy has declined under the rise of a new city leader, one who has become a tyrant consumed by power. Ulver and his siblings were young in Farrow's decline, and Ulver's childhood dream to become the captain of a great ship slowly grew into new plan. As an adult, he now captains a fast vessel known as the Silver Songbird, and has been labeled by the city as a pirate.

Ulver's family trained him and his siblings in swordsmanship by tradition, and in his spare time, Ulver trained himself to use as many tools of battle as he could carry on his person. He may not be the greatest sword fighter on the open sea, but his speed is incredible, and his resolve unbreakable; and when his sword fails, one of his four alternative weapons may just do the trick. The years Ulver spent among the ports helped him learn to speak in numerous tongues and understand a variety of cultures. To anybody who does not recognize him as a pirate, Ulver would seem to be a talented gentleman. Yet, to any boats on the waters surrounding Farrow which bear the capital city's insignia, he is a direct threat to foes of any origin.

Ulver has made it his mission to save the city of Farrow by tearing its power structure apart. The Silver Songbird makes an active effort to sink and plunder any vessels on the water meant to support Farrow's leadership and military, bringing the pickings to help those who have suffered from its economic destruction. The sooner the city is ready to fall, the sooner the tyrant bringing it down can be overthrown, allowing for Farrow's leadership to fall back into the hands of a worthy leader and rebuild its former grand status. The real challenge is not to let the people fall with it, but Ulver will not surrender his mission until he sees it through or dies along the way. High risk, high reward - such are many of Ulver's paths and decisions.

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