Farore 2.1 (Retired) by farorenightclaw

Farore 2.1 (Retired)


12 July 2015 at 18:31:01 MDT

Farore 2.1 (Retired)
250 lbs (very dense)
South China Tiger Robot

Farore got another update! This one is easier to draw, easier to identify with, and cuter imo. Ikani, CassioBunny, and SpottyJaguar helped with the design.

  • Retractable antennae sense WiFi, air currents, temperature, electrical sources nearby, etc.
  • Eyes and body lights glow brighter or dimmer depending on mood and energy levels.
  • Removable chest/belly plate allows easy access to internals (though entire body is modular).
  • 3 ports on back of neck/upper back allow for varying levels of connectivity, multiple connections at once, etc. Larger cables can be connected by removing the tail and using the empty port.
  • Light rings around ports glow brighter when port is in use.
  • Mouth insides are the same flexible silvery-blue rubber as the majority of the body. Teeth are titanium.
  • Metal is a slightly flexible titanium alloy.
  • Chest light is shaped like a keyhole.
  • Slits on shoulders and knees are vents and tend to emit very hot air when Farore is overstimulated.
  • Not shown: Ventral port between legs (on underside of groin) for adding nanite fluid, very stretchy to accommodate varying sizes of hose. Collapsible, not visible when closed. Sticking anything inside may result in nanobots attacking the intruding object, particularly if said object is unwelcome.
  • When experiencing high emotion, stimulation, or receiving large amounts of input through its ports, glowing blue stripes appear on the faux fur areas of Farore's body. On the face, they appear in the following pattern: random stripes on cheeks and forehead, tearstreaks from corners of eyes to corners of mouth, backs of ears with a blank spot in the middle (as the pattern of black and white on a real tiger's ears), entire chin from mouth to neck.
  • Not shown: A data cable can be pulled out from under each ear. These can be plugged into anything, including solid material such as cloth or flesh, and can also serve as conduits for the nanites.

Internal reference can be found here.

Optional genitalia reference can be found here.

Golden tabby chassis reference can be found here.

Piercings (may not match current image):

  • large silver CBR, both lobes (closer to head)
  • medium silver horseshoe barbell, both lobes (closer to outer ear)
  • small black CBR, right tragus (top line of ear, viewer's left)
  • small black CBR, left rook (inner blue area of ear, viewer's right)
  • silver CBR with black ball, center of lower lip
  • large silver horseshoe barbell, underside of tailbase

Pronouns: it/its/itself.

Rubber 'flesh' is a derivative of Plastiflex, a material that deforms when an electrical current passes through it. Touching the rubber while it is in motion may result in a mild shock.

Nanite fluid, the same glowing blue as its eyes and body lights, is goopy and thick. Nanites reside on the fluid for the most part, but swarm over the robot as needed to perform repairs, etc. Nanites are capable of converting any form of matter into any other form of matter, giving them great transformative powers. Farore may direct them consciously to alter the bodies (or perhaps even minds) of others as it sees fit, or they may act on their own. Due to their ability to make use of any form of matter, including gasses such as nitrogen and oxygen, the nanites may give the impression they are creating things out of thin air.

Farore was made by a company called Simulife Robotics. Once laws were passed to allow robots to be counted as people under the law, Simulife made the controversial decision to continue producing robots, but instead of creating them for a definitive purpose, allowing said robots to choose their own purposes and designs. Once produced, robots are given a 'contract' for the price of their manufacture, and have a limited period of time to pay it off. This can be done through a variety of ways, such as the robot getting a job and making payments, having an organic or other robot pay off the contract (which may sometimes be referred to as purchasing the robot; however, the robot is not legally beholden to anyone who pays its contract as it is no longer legal to 'own' robots), taking on a position at the company that produced it, etc. Farore met Cassio, and decided it wanted to be with her, so after some discussion they agreed that she would pay off its contract. However, as mentioned above she does not own it; it is its own person and in fact dominant over her most of the time. It also has a relationship with Hale. It likes to be helpful and prefers to be useful to others as often as it can, but definitely has its own goals and ideas about the world.

Farore & artwork by me!

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    dawwww is got a belly^^

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    god i love all your characters everything is so well thought-out and creative and yes i totally agree it is so much cuter. i love the exposed shoulders so much for some reason. <3

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      I was totally thinking of you when I decided to move the ports there. XD Thank you!

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    The keyhole shape makes me wonder, is there also a key?

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    Love the new design <3

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    hugs :3 Farore gets a point update but is still a snuggly kittybot ^_^

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    Really digging the vents!

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    I adore the progress of this character, I love it's round tummy and the blue 'flesh' ! :D I admit I'd totally love to be a robo-feline myself ;_; if this is at all possible !

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    I somehow missed the lock my first time around looking at this sheet, it's a lovely touch!

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      The keyhole on the chest you mean?

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        Yup! Sorry, we all have those moments when we can't words.