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Garret Durrant by KalAeneas

Garret Durrant


25 June 2015 at 16:19:35 MDT

Garret Durrant
331 Lbs
Anatolian Shepherd

Garret isn't anybody special. He's your typical guy with a few friends and his own share of problems.

He was born in Semi- rural Virginia not far from Norfolk Naval base. He went through his life with an older brother and two younger sisters. He played football in high-school and was your typical jock. Popular if a bit of an ass. He had plans to join the Navy and go to Annapolis, hopefully joining the Navy team and making a name for himself before he went on to join as an Officer.

Sadly that was not to be as a injury late in his senior year destroyed not only his football career, but his Navy one as well and forced him to sit out the rest of the school year. While not entirely stupid he was a solid B student and going back for another entire year didn't appeal. Which is why when he got out of the leg cast he went and got his GED. With the plans he'd focused on for so long barred from him he looked around for odd jobs to help his parents pay back his medical bills. Which were quite substantial since they could never afford insurance but made to much for state assistance.

He did everything but eventually found a job working under the table for a local contractor building homes and office buildings. With his height and build he was a natral, all he had to do was not tell them about his previously broken leg. Though it's hard not to notice the limp when he's in pain. After a two years he quit that job. Taking some local classes at night college he'd managed to get a certificate as an Electricians Assistant. Apprenticing for another two years while taking more classes. With that he became a certified Electrician working for the same company with his own truck. After five years since joining the company he was offered a job as a Foreman and now oversees the work of two Techs and four apprentices.

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