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Kostenlos Axius


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Kostenlos Axius
5 years
3 ft at shoulder
160 lbs
Strawberry Leopard


NAME: Kostenlos Axius

Meaning: Freedom
Nicknames: Kos


Starting: 1.5 years
Current: 5 years

Birthday: 10/8/51 BC (2011 in modern day)
Sign: Libra ♎

SPECIES: Leopard


APPEARANCE: Not abnormally large but certainly not small, Kostenlos is well muscled and strong. His coloration is more red than the average leopard due to his strawberry mutation. His rosettes get small and more sparse towards his legs, and his toes are lighter creme white like his stomach and muzzle. His hair is dark brown and completely fabulous, and becomes a bit of a mane down his back and ends right after his shoulder blades. His hindquarters and the base of his tail have spiky fur, and his tail is thick. He has green eyes that brighten to almost neon when he's excited, and darken when he is sad. They become more intense when he is angry.


70% Shadow Empire
50% Other Empires
20% Itself
40% Family and Others
0% Hunters


Current: Assassin Gladiator
Past: Pet / show cat



Dominant: fabulous hair; Dorsal stripe; Green eyes;
Recessive: Coat color; Two-toned coat; Rosette markings; Dark pink nose;
Carrier: Blue eyes; amber eyes; melanistic mutation; regular leopard colors;


Physical strengths: Stealth, stamina, agility
Mental strengths: Trickery

Physical weaknesses: Defense, speed
Mental weaknesses: Love


Mentor: Vesper, Evander

Apprentice: N/A
Past Apprentices: N/A


6/10 Strength
4/10 Speed
8/10 Stamina
7/10 Health
4/10 Defense
8/10 Attack skill
7/10 Intelligence




BELIEF: Sator and Aurilia

GOALS: To graduate from Assassin training and free his friend Thalia from capture

QUIRKS, FEARS AND FLAWS: Plays with his hair when bored/alone; grooms when bored;


Orientation: Straight
Status: Single


{Determined} {Competitive} {Impatient} {Honorable} {Flirty} {Carefree} {Judgemental}

Kostenlos likes to feel like he is the best cat in the world, like a knight in shining armor, so he will do his best to do things better than everyone else. When he sets his mind to something, he can rarely be strayed or distracted from reaching his goals. He won't break rules and use loop holes (unless he's desperate and he must) for his own benefit especially to get things done. When he isn't on some mission he prefers to take it easy and relax, and will usually just go with the flow. When he does have some assignment to complete though, he will want to get it done as soon as possible, and will get very irritated if his companions can't keep up. He also tends to judge others before he really gets to know them. Many times he has found that his judgment had been wrong and misplaced and he feels slightly bad about having judged them. He is working on trying to fix that.




Apis, Mother, Regular leopard
Opao, Father, Strawberry leopard

Aunts and Uncles:



Cyran/Cyto, brother, melanistic leopard





Kostenlos and his brother were born wild in the mountains. His mother and father were often consumed in arguments regarding his brother's strange black coloration and blue eyes. One parent argued that it meant he was blessed. The other argued that it meant he was cursed. Kostenlos, meanwhile, felt left out and like he didn't matter as much. That changed one day when the cliff where the two cubs were playing collapsed beneath Cyran, and the black cub went tumbling down the mountain. Kostenlos called for his parents, and they went in search of the missing cub, but never found him. After that, Kostenlos got all the parental attention he wanted, and it helped him get over the loss of his brother.

Then one day Opao went out to hunt, and didn't return. Kostenlos and his mother were becoming hungry, and so Apis went out to find her mate and food. Kostenlos, left alone, became quickly impatient and curious, and so followed his mother's scent trail. Before he could find her, though, a strange creature on two legs leaped at him and scooped him up into a sack. Kostenlos fought but the bag was too thick to break free. He was thrown into a cage and loaded onto a wagon along with other caged animals, and eventually they arrived at a city.

Some of the animals were taken away to be killed. Some-the fiercer looking ones- were taken to a place passing cats called "the arena". Kostenlos was so frightened that he didn't fight back when the humans handled him, and so eventually they allowed him out of his cage. He had to wear a leash to keep him beside a particular human, and other cats he met on the streets informed the confused cub about what was going on. He was in a human city called Massilia. One day, he would likely be thrown into the arena to fight for his life. If he was lucky though, he would grow up to be a pet or a Bounty Hunter. This all made little sense to the cub, and he decided he needed to get away from this city. Once his human forgot to tie him up, Kostenlos slipped away. His light fur and small size blended easily with the dusty area, and eventually he found his way to the city wall. He skirted it until he found a hole in it, and crawled through into the outside world. He saw a forest in the distance, and began walking toward it when a voice yelled at him, and he took off running, not looking back. A "Hunter" was gaining on him. Once he got to the treeline the young leopard didn't stop. He ran and twisted his way though the forest world he had so missed, and eventually lost the Hunter, who gave up and returned to the city. Once Kostenlos was sure he had gone, he continued on, tail dragging, into the forest. It was different than the one he had lived in before with his family. He didn't know how to hunt, how to defend himself, or how to find shelter.

He certainly would have died had he not picked up the sound of feline voices, and he went towards it. Paws falling onto a well worn path, the forest around him suddenly opened up into a wide area, full of huge armored cats! Most of them noticed him right away and surrounded him, hostility showing in their snarls and rising hackles. They were asking him who he was and why he was here. Kostenlos, frightened by these cats, explained that he was lost and needed help. The group parted to allow a mountain lion pass, and he introduced himself as Remus, leader of Shadow Empire. Remus allowed Kostenlos to stay with them for as long as Kostenlos wanted. It only took a couple days for Kostenlos to realize he liked it here and wanted to live the rest of his life there.

He became an apprentice soon and was given Vesper as mentor. Kostenlos didn't listen to anything she said or taught because she was younger than him and had not earned any respect from him. Kostenlos would rather have spent his time playing and flirting, especially with his best friend, Thalia. Kostenlos, Thalia, and Leartes were nearly inseparable, even though Kos was much older than both of them.

Vesper told him that he needed to focus on his training before his love life. That there were bigger things in life than little apprentice crushes. How would he even know that any of those cats were a future mate anyway? Kostenlos took her advice the wrong way and began hanging out with more gladiators. He was their age by now anyway, he just slept in the apprentice den.

That's when he met Lydia, an asian golden cat who had joined recently, and the two hit it off well. Kostenlos was sure that he loved her, and she inspired him to work harder. Thalia noticed this, and it made her slightly bitter towards Kostenlos, since she had a crush on him and thought that he liked her back. So Thalia and Leartes began to hang out more which eventually began to create feelings between the both of them, although they were too young to be aware of it. Leartes still thought that Thalia loved Kostenlos, and he didn't want to get in the way of them. So one day he left the empire without so much as a goodbye. Thalia was a wreck, and Kostenlos did his best to comfort her. A few wrong words about Leartes though, and Thalia snapped at him and rejected their friendship.

So without either of his best friends, the leopard began hanging out with Lydia more and more, and their relationship grew. Kostenlos realized they would never get to be mates and sleep together if he was an apprentice, so he decided he would put some effort into training so that they could. So Vesper and Kostenlos began actually training.

The two went out alone one day to work on combat skills when the apprentice/mentor duo were jumped by Bounty Hunters. Vesper did her best to defend her untrained apprentice, and Kostenlos did his best to help out- even though he had no idea what he was doing. Vesper, did however. Kostenlos had never known such a small and young cat could fight like that, and she finally earned his respect. Of course though, it was too late by then. Vesper was such a nuisance to capture that the Hunters finally struck her and she fell motionlessly to the ground. Kostenlos tried to reach her but the other Hunters brought him down. Face in the dirt, that was the last time Kostenlos saw his mentor, and when his life changed entirely. They knocked him unconscious, and everything went dark.

When he came to, he was back in a cage, on another cart. He snarled at the Hunters, tried to ask them where they were going and what they had done with Vesper, but they ignored him and did not exchange words. Eventually, Kostenlos gave up, and laid down to be lost in his thoughts. His mentor was gone. Dead, probably. And he himself was captured. All because he couldn't fight. All because he never listened to his mentor before. He covered his face with his paws. He'd never see his bro Leartes again. He'd never laugh with Thalia again. He'd never see his beautiful Lydia again. All because he was too good to train. All of this was because of him...

When they reached the city and the leopard was examined for health and potential, Kostenlos again did not fight his handlers. Not because he was frightened, no. He was depressed. He had learned from his empiremates that escaping the city could take years for the right opportunity to arise. The humans interpreted his calmness for tameness, and he was bought by a wealthy family. The Axius family adorned Kostenlos with jewelery. Eventually he even took part in shows where the most beautiful and well behaved felines competed for the sake of their master's honor. The better they did, the better they were treated and taken care of, so Kostenlos did his best, and every once in a while, he won. He had the opportunity to meet many beautiful cats during this time, and his own cocky and self-righteous personality fit right in with them.

Every once in a while, Kostenlos would slip out of his home to walk around the area of the city he was allowed to walk in. One night, he watched from afar as a snow leopard helped a couple cubs to slip out of the city to freedom. But the snow leopard did not go with them. Kostenlos had heard stories about a snow leopardess known simply as "The Midnight-Dawn Angel" who worked only to free slaves, and not herself. Curious to know if the stories were based around truth, he tried to make his way towards the cat, but before he could, a Hunter guard appeared and warned him not to leave his district without human or Hunter escort. Unable to do so, and not willing to give up the Dawn Angel's location, Kostenlos reluctantly returned home.

He slipped out to the same rooftop every night since, hoping to see the snow leopard again, but she didn't appear again for about a week, this time sneaking a larger cat out of the hole in the wall. Jumping down from the roof, Kostenlos was careful that he was not spotted, and eventually picked up the snowy's scent. When he rounded a corner and found her, she nearly attacked him. Kostenlos assured her that he meant her no harm, and the elderly snowy explained that she often helped cats to escape their terrible lives as slaves in the city. She refused to tell him her name, saying only that she was indeed the Dawn Angel. Kostenlos asked if it was possible that she could help him as well, and she asked why, since he seemed to be the farthest from a slave as any cat could be. Kostenlos told her that his life was in Shadow Empire, with his empiremates, his friends, and the love of his life. The Angel's eyes softened and she understood that him being kept from his loved ones must make this life feel like a prison indeed. So she agreed to help him with nothing in return.

A few weeks later the time came. Kostenlos slipped out to meet the Dawn Angel. She was already there waiting, and silently and quickly led the way. Using silent but concise signals, they evaded both human and Hunter. They had to remain hidden even when a cub made a run for the gate and was brought down by a Hunter and drug back to the cages. A pained expression filled the Angel's eyes, and Kostenlos realized why she never escaped with the cats she helped. She remained behind to help the rest of the cats. She remained to be their guiding light; their hope.

Once the coast was clear they slipped out of their hiding place and towards the place Kostenlos would escape. The leopard thanked her immensely, saying that if she ever escaped one day and needed anything, that she could call on him and he would certainly return the favor. She shook her head though, and simply told him to be free. Kostenlos licked the old snowy on the head and wished her to be safe, then turned and fled the city for the second time. He glanced back once, but the Dawn Angel was already gone.

Kostenlos's heart soared when he crossed the border into familiar territory, and he headed straight for the camp. When he got there, dawn was shedding its dim light upon the land, and his soaring heart crashed into his stomach. The camp was dead. His home was empty. Not a cat, not even a scent. There was evidence that a fire had taken place, but it must have been long ago, as the abandoned camp was almost overrun by thorn bushes and weeds. In shock, Kostenlos slowly made his way to where the apprentice den used to be, and curled up there, and quietly sobbed himself into sleep.

The sound of voices in the distance woke him, and his head shot up. It was late morning now, and the cats sounded as if they had picked up his scent and were tracking him. By the sounds of it, it was a patrol. Their scent reached him, and although it smelled a little different than he remembered, he knew who they were. Shadow Empire. Kostenlos made his location known and announced that he had returned. Luckily, one of the cats among the patrol was Evander, Leartes' mentor and a cat who knew who Kostenlos was. Evander informed Kostenlos that Remus had vanished and that he was now leader. The patrol led the confused confused Kostenlos to Shadow Empire's new camp. Kostenlos wasn't sure that he liked it compared to the old one, but it was the last of his worries. He was home! The familiar faces! The familiar scents! And...Leartes was back! But...where was Lydia? Kostenlos searched for her scent in camp but it was no where to be found. Finally, one of the older members told Kostenlos that she had died long ago. Kostenlos' heart broke. Without her...what did anything matter? It seemed like Thalia still hated him, and Leartes seemed to hate him too. Vesper was gone, Remus was gone, Lydia was gone. Depressed yet again, Kostenlos made his way to a den and curled in a corner to be alone. Evander found him, though, and told him that this was the gladiator's den....and that Evander would be taking over the leopard's apprentice training. Kostenlos was confused and angry. He was older than the oldest apprentice! Why did he need a mentor? How embarrassing... Grudgingly, Kostenlos accepted Evander as his mentor. As time wore on he came to like Evander, and he got through his training fairly quickly. After becoming a gladiator and not having to worry about his baby sitter or training with his baby sitter, Kostenlos followed Thalia out of camp one day and asked to talk with her. He apologized for the things he said years ago, and after some talking, Thalia hesitantly forgave him. As time went on, their friendship slowly rekindled. Leartes probably didn't like that.

Then one night a patrol was sent out to speak with a Lightning Empire patrol regarding the location of the border, as there had been some dispute. Thalia and Leartes were among those that went. No one would have guessed that the two empire patrols would be ambushed by an organized group of Bounty Hunters, however. Many cats from both empires were captured, including Thalia, and Leartes was badly wounded. Shadow Empire did, however, take one of the Hunters prisoner, but he would wield no information to them.

Once Leartes was healed enough, he began talking about striking back against the Hunters. It seemed like a hopeless cause. But he believed in it. He spoke to the leaders of Lightning and Fire, Tempestas and Andromeda, and both leaders agreed to help Shadow Empire fight back. The remaining two empires, Air and Ice, refused their direct participation, but would lend help in the form of supplies and willing gladiators. Andromeda even began to train a group of elite gladiators she called "assassins", and of course, Leartes joined those of Shadow Empire who would be training with her. Kostenlos himself wasn't sure what to do. What could he do? He wasn't sure, so he began hunting more, pulling more guard shifts, and leading more patrols, all to relieve his empiremates and give them the chance to catch their breath in the midst of the coming war.

Finally, Kostenlos took half a day off and went to a quiet pond to think about everything that had happened and changed since his arrival. His silent time would be interrupted, however, by none other than Leartes, who had also come to Thalia's favorite spot to remind himself of her and the times they had. The two ex-friends quickly engaged in an argument that quickly evolved into a full blown fight, before the force behind their own blows and words exhausted them, and in anger and emotional hurt, honestly and truth spilled forth from them. They admitted that they were frustrated that Thalia was gone, angry at the Hunters for taking her, and lonely because they had no one left. For the first time since finding his empire, Kostenlos cried, and the two leopards became bros again, making an unspoken pact to aid one another any way they could.

And for Kostenlos, that meant joining the Assassins.


(including only those mentioned in Kostenlos' history.)

Thalia, Shadow Empire Healer, female snow leopard
-close friend
-formally best friend
-former crush

Leartes, Shadow Empire Assassin/Gladiator, male amur leopard
-best friend, bro
-formally hated one another

Vesper, Shadow Empire gladiator, female ocelot
-former mentor

Lydia, Shadow Empire gladiator, female asian golden cat
-former love

Remus, Shadow Empire leader, male mountain lion
-former leader

Evander, Shadow Empire leader, male snow leopard/cheetah hybrid
-former mentor
-formerly Leartes' mentor

Fawna, pet, female cat of some kind
-a pet under the same owner as Kostenlos
-taught Kos the basics of fighting, and some unique moves

"The Dawn Angel", Massilian slave, female snow leopard
-helped Kostenlos escape

Andromeda, Fire Empire leader, female snow leopard
-is training Kos to be an Assassin for the war

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