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"Superfly" Slick


15 April 2015 at 22:01:10 MDT

"Superfly" Slick
480 lbs
Were Tiger

(Creation background)

This character was created in the Summer of 2000 when I was 15 years old. The first ever drawing of him was a traditional pencil drawing which has since been given to a close friend I met on the internet as a gift in 2003. His name was based off of my favorite songs at the time, "Superfly Slick" by the Vengaboys. Nowadays he is mainly referred to as just "Slick".

(Universe info)

Keep in mind that I have barely fleshed out Slick's universe, world, and story, so there are many holes and other things that I do not yet know. I haven't had time to really cement down his story.

Slick comes from a world that is a mixture of untouched nature and advanced technology, with neither dominating the other. This world also has more fantasy-like logic than ours. The dominant species of his world are sentient were big cats like himself. Each big cat species are in their own class and have different strengths and abilities based on their cat species.

-Lions are generally the leaders politically due to their superior ability to work together in groups. This enables them to work as a collective and get things done as needed. Unfortunately, this trait can also be a weakness as they struggle the most individually since their strength relies so heavily on group dynamics. They have a hard time tolerating independent thought or outliers. Physically they are a very formidable species with only the tigers surpassing them in size and strength. Their voices carry farther than all others.

-Tigers are highly independent and play by no other rules but their own. They go to the beat of their own drum and have a general disdain for traditional rules and authority. They do not like being told what to do and are great at finding their own (and usually better) way at doing something. This is what makes them generally feared and mistrusted by the other cat species. Pair that intelligence (and stubbornness and fierceness) with their physically superior size, strength, and formidable athleticism (only the leopard surpasses them in raw athleticism) and that makes them your greatest ally or worst adversary. Tigers thrive when put to special unique tasks that utilizes their strength and ability to find new ways to solve problems in solo missions. White tigers are so rare that the few that have been found are treated with fear and mistrust.

-Leopards are a jack of all trades and the best all around athletes (only being beaten in straight line speed by the cheetahs) They may not be the strongest but they are considered to be one of the most dangerous adversaries due to their greatest asset: Stealth. Many say that if you were to be killed by a leopard, you wouldn't even know that it happened. Most leopards aspire to be athletes, but even the ones who aren't are generally well respected among society.

-Jaguars are the bruisers. They may not be as large as tigers or even lions but pound for pound they are the strongest for their size. Not much is known about them as they are less common than the other species, but rumor has it they share some traits with both the tigers and the leopards. They are said to be opportunistic and ally themselves to causes that benefit them the most. Their jaws are so strong that they are the only cats that go for a skull bite in combat to the death which makes them not to be underestimated.

-Cheetahs are the speed demons. Physically they are the weakest and also have the dullest claws of the cats so they tend to be level headed with others. Although if attacked, they use their greatest advantage (speed) to escape trouble. They are not cowards by any means. They simply know their physical limitations and draw to their strengths. Overall a very intelligent species. The males can have close and brotherly friendships with one another easily but that trait is not something that's passed to the females as they generally have a much harder time getting along.

(Slick Info)

There are still many holes in Slick's personal story so I will mostly stick to personality traits or things I do know.

-His design has been updated from his original design. New clothes and a less Disney-ish face. He still keeps his iconic sunglasses but does not always wear them.

-His necklace was given to him at a point in time by his future mate, Cleo. It is said that the ring possesses the power to unlock gateways to other worlds.

-Generally like most tigers in that he is distrustful of others until they have proven worthy of his trust. He has a back story and was hurt in his past by someone he thought he could trust.

-He is of the Bengal species. Very physically strong and imposing.

-Good with tech.

-Can show a bit of dry sarcasm or humor in certain situations.

-He can be stubborn to the core but over time goes through a small bit of personal growth.

-Is very monogamous and finds casual encounters to be pointless and beneath him. Had no interest in romance until Cleo.

-Originally clashed and fought constantly with Cleo until a certain event occurred that made them both realize that they were more alike than they saw at first and were essentially each others' soul mates.

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