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Mobian Echidna

The art is an evolution of my art style drawing her...1998, 2002, 2012 and 2014.

Keira-Jo’s biographical data according to my original fan-fiction

Nicknames: Kei-chan, Babe or just Kei (from Evil Sonic).

Age: At the introduction of my fan-fics, she is the time of her death in my fan-fics she is 35.
Fur color: Reddish-brown. For the modernized version...I think I'll make her the average age of 25. :)

Hair color: Originally was brown, but has been dyed purple-pink (the dye is what makes it spiked).
Powers/Abilities: Has a natural ability to enhance the powers of those she is around (but is unaware of this fact, Evil Sonic knows and initially wants to use her to increase his own powers...).

Personality: Though it is not revealed until later, she has a split personality because of her rocky childhood in-and-out of foster homes. Mostly people only see "Keira-Jo", a teasing, taunting, flirtacious woman with a slight bit of a mean side...she also has a hidden personality that Evil Sonic refers to as "Kei", this personality is shy and loving.

Biography: A petty thief of some fairly good skill, she emerges from a stint in jail a short time after Echidnapolis comes back into the Mobian modern world. A little bit after she tries starting a job, she encounters Evil Sonic for the first time and goes off on an adventure with him, where at the end she realizes she fell in love with the dark Hedgehog from an alternate Mobius. After a couple years, she is kidnapped by a sorceror from Downunda named "Enzo Larak" (a Lizard)--who, in the end, it turns out had crossed the dimentions and teamed up with the Echidna, Remington (we'll refer to him as "Dark Remington") from Evil Sonic's Mobius. Evil Sonic was pretty annoyed at this...and at Julie-Su and Knuckles urging him to chase after Keira-Jo and rescue "his princess"...but wound up doing it anyways, because he actually had fallen in love with her. After saving her, Evil Sonic took them to an "empty Mobius" he had found...there were no people there anymore, though it seemed there was no devastating crisis that destroyed everyone either (it was as if all civilization had simply disappeared from that world one day). There they lived for about 15 years, raising a daughter, Kara-Li. Unfortunately, Larak and Dark Remington eventually found that Mobius...took Keira-Jo away...leading Evil Sonic and Kara-Li on a search through Mobius' alternate versions, until eventually landing on Mobius Prime during Guardian Jeison's wedding day. Keira-Jo sacrificed her life to save Evil Sonic from Dark Remington...the event left Evil Sonic badly injured (both physically and emotionally) and let Kara-Li get corrupted by the shattered Chaos Emeralds that once possessed Dimitri and made him Enerjak.

Keira-Jo has been a part of my stories and life for quite a long time, so I use her as an avatar online in many instances. In 2014, I updated her look from my fan-fiction versions and went from the old 4-fingered hands to modern Sega-style 5-fingered hands.

Avatar/’Sona Data (2014): Keira-Jo is strong-willed with a mature personality.

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    You really have progressed so nicely. I like the consistency of design, no massive wild changes that would make her unrecognizable.

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      Thanks! I decided to just change her clothes for the modern look...since the old look really had more to do with my fan-fiction (and her as a "bad girl" and partner to Evil Sonic). I thought I'd look at clothes they give Sega female characters and make some variation on that style. But her hair and style of long spines will never change. :)

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        You're most welcome. And yeah I can see that....I always liked Evil Sonic better but never Evil Tails.

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          I did too.............I never approved of the change to "Scourge", but that was thanks to Ken Penders and his lawsuit, so what can you do? chuckle It'll always be Evil Sonic to me! :)

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            I like this stance. We shall ignore that which we do not like! XP

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    That evolution <3

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      I did get a little bit better in almost 20 years, didn't I? laughs

      Thanks! :)

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    It's neat to see style evolution. :3

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      Thank you! :)

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    She looks very pretty!