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Alderin is a Charr, a species of anthropmorphic cat-like creatures from the Guild Wars MMO world. He is also proficient in Mesmer magic.

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Alderin's design was based loosely upon the Mesmer Charr characters from GW1, but tweaked to break from the standard GW1 Charr design. Created in 2006 I have revisited and enjoyed this character off and on over the years.

The following is a simple and generic biography I roughly created for him. I hope to some day revise and expand upon it,

Alderin is not a typical Charr in appearance or otherwise. He is actually only 3/4 Charr.
During the Searing the Charr took many human prisoners, but only a few managed to survive in captivity for two years before finally being freed by Prince Rurik during the Ruins of Surmia raid in Ascalon (1072 EA).
One unlucky young woman, a Mesmer, who was raped many times by her Charr captors, became pregnant (something previously unheard of). After she was freed and returned to Tyria she refused to terminate the pregnancy and went so far as to even keep the baby after it was born, despite becoming a social outcast as a result.
The war between the Humans and Charr made it very difficult for her to raise her half-Charr son alone, and their lives were filled with hardship and turmoil. Eventually they were driven out and forced to make their home deep in the wilderness away from everyone else.
Despite avoiding most contact with both Charr and Humans the half-Charr eventually met a young female Charr Gladium in 1127 EA. She was less judgmental than most and accepted him for who he was, despite his heritage and by then, his age. Eventually the two fell in love and conceived a child, Alderin (in 1130 EA).
Alderin was only a year old when news of his birth reached members of his mother's former Warband. Enraged by her further disgrace, they followed her back one day when she had gone into a town for supplies, finding her hidden home in the mountains and they attacked the family without hesitation. Before she died she threw herself headlong into battle, buying her mate time to get their son to safety. Alderin's father escaped the attack, though mortally wounded, carrying his son. He managed to reach his own Mother before he died.
He entrusted his mother with Alderin with his last breath. Despite her age, she took Alderin and went deep into the wilderness where they could not be found. She taught Alderin how to fend for himself and how to live alone without contact from others, fearing he too would be killed if he was ever discovered. She taught Alderin the magic of the Mesmer and he quickly began to master the art.
In 1142 EA when Alderin was only 12 years old, his grandmother died. Alderin lived alone after that, with only his Mesmer powers to give him company.. always avoiding others whenever he could.

Alderin went on to grow up and have many of his own adventures, but sadly Alderin died in 1201 EA at the age of 71, still over 120 years before Peace was finally reached between the Humans and Charr, a time when Alderin might have been accepted.

Artwork displayed on this page was commissioned from AlectorFencer

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