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Slade Xanthas


18 November 2014 at 20:09:03 MST

Slade Xanthas
Whatever (Same as player)
170 lbs.
Technicolor Fox

One of a kind, Slade truly is the Technicolor Fox. His fur's a mess of blues, cyans, and greens that run down the length of his body along with his vast array of intricate black markings that twist and turn every which way. A mop of black and purple and pink-tinged hair sits on his head styled into somewhat of a faux-hawk design. His eyes are a bright yellow, accented by pink eyelids and his pair of thick, black square glasses that keep him from bumping into everything around him. His pawpads are a peculiar unnatural pink like the fringe on his hair, and are soft to the touch. Lastly, he has a massive green and black striped tail, which is longer than he is tall. Attire for Slade on a normal day consists of his trademark black hoodie, black undershirt, and electric blue track pants or jeans, with a pair of matching blue and white Chuck Taylors. Even when he isn't wearing clothes, he very rarely removes his glasses, only taking them off to sleep and shower. He's a huge fan of dry humor and, blunt but considerate, he mostly spends his days cracking jokes and quips at everything he can and just generally likes seeing everyone laughing and enjoying themselves. He's usually not one to talk to people he doesn't know or people he doesn't have anything in common with, but he's perfectly willing to ramble endlessly to people he is familiar with. An avid music lover, he loves to talk about different music genres and styles, especially electronic and rock, and loves sharing music with everyone he talks to. He's also a gearhead, albeit only starting out, and likes discussing cars with people who enjoy them as much or more than he does. He tries to stay optimistic, though he does tend to get emotional sometimes, and tends to suffer from paranoia much of the time.

Slade Xanthas is mine
Art is by Vallhund

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