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16 November 2014 at 19:35:36 MST

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Wolf, sabertooth, feline, reptile, hybrid mix thing

Drawn/Designed by Bought from for $30

Please download the ref sheet if you are thinking of drawing a fan art of her/ a trade with me using her/ a commission of her.


Name: Aiyanna Northwind (A-yawn-a) (Aia,Yanna, Aiy, or Yaorth for Short)
Gender: Female
Design created: 2013 & altered 2014
Species: Hybrid mix of canine, sabertooth, something with horns, and possibly reptile
Sexuality: Single & Bi (although goes for females before males)
Age: 15 years old
Personality: Aiyanna is mostly anti-social and very awkward with everything basically. She makes a lot of jokes which make her seem like an asswhole. She doesn't typically like to hurt other people, but wants to protect others. If you get on her soft spot she loves to cuddle with you.
Aiyanna hates how she looks and her sexuality sometimes. Straight couples annoy her now and than and children or spoiled brats annoy her. She also dislikes sunny days, being alone, being forgotten, bullies, and others who are taller/bigger than her.
Birthday: November 14th
Info: Aiyanna had a rough life growing up, while her parents abandoned her, she searched for friends and others to give her love and attention. She acts very childish sometimes and even can be whiny at times, though not on purpose. She gets annoyed fairly easy and hates males who are dicks and use females just for sex. She seeks to rather have someone with a good personality. Aiyanna basically grew up alone and now stays around close friends and keeps to herself. She doesn't mind flirting with others and tends to like to joke around a lot. Therefore she tries her best to make a mark on the world even if no one cares about her. The scars on her leg is from self harm, though she couldn't stop herself and didn't want to make herself look worse. Her one eye is blind with a scar because of a fight defending a friend from a bully.
Abilities: She can hear well, bite, fight well, and uses her horns to bash against things.

Favorite Quote: "Be careful who you give your heart cause they can ruin you as easily as they got it."

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Aiyanna belongs to ME!

Please don't steal, reuse, claim as own art, claim design,etc! I won't be happy.

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