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[TYD] Repthe "Marlboro" Lightlender by Lightlender

[TYD] Repthe "Marlboro" Lightlender


[TYD] Repthe "Marlboro" Lightlender
245lbs | 320lbs (with arms)
Luxian Hare

Occupation: Bartender, Former Bounty Hunter
Likes: Steak, nicotine, heavy metal, booze, sex, property damage, money
Dislikes: Hot beer, the last cigarette, condoms, putting in effort, being told 'no'

Temperament: Marlboro is best described as 'quietly hot-blooded'. While most never hear his voice above a dull murmur and scarcer still that his expression should ever change from a dull leer of disinterest, Marlboro can be a quite passionate and explosive-natured individual. He is cool under pressure, calculating, and greets most challenges with a cold and often laconic sense of humor that often beguiles those who might otherwise value their lives at a point of crisis—something Marlboro does not concern himself with whatsoever. An unusually large man who has to duck beneath archways and slouch in most buildings to avoid ceiling fans, he conceals an unnatural level of speed and agility for one so large. This, compiled with competent close-quarter combat skills that place him on the rankings with top martial artists make him a very lethal combatant who rarely reacts to pain, duress, or even torture—not to mention self-mutilation in order to achieve his bounty. It is said that in order to capture a target, he once tore off his own arms which had been bound and tracked his mark down with a knife clenched between his teeth.

Needless to say, he has an indomitable force of sheer will and determination that borders on the realm of supernatural, capable of willing himself back from the verge of death on multiple occasions. While his intellect is nothing of remarkable merit, he does display an uncanny sense of awareness regarding his surroundings and is known for being frighteningly clever; utilizing whatever is around him to get the job done. Marlboro is a renowned tracker, marksman, and his skills in combat also imply a high degree of aptitude from a strategic viewpoint. It is strongly hinted that the hare suffers from a personality disorder that severely limits his range of emotional responsiveness, often causing him to appear aloof and abstracted from the normal scope social behavior, capable of relating to very few basic human emotions. Because of this, he appears virtually mechanical in his thought processes, although he is actually a remarkably deep thinker but falls incapable of naturally expressing his views. He prefers to let his fists and carbine do the heavy diplomatic work in such cases, tossing himself headlong into reckless conflicts that few else could truly emerge from intact. From this, it is greatly insinuated that despite his cold exterior, he truly feels 'alive' when he's literally two steps from the grave.

Abilities: Strength Tuning & Adrenal Compiler (STAC) nanites, computer-assisted reflexes and response times, telescopic vision, advanced probability calculation within a 24% margin of error, SS-Rank Tracking/Hunting/Survival skills, near 'supernatural' force of sheer will.

Miscellaneous Facts: Luxian Hares share a few common traits with lizards in that they are actually cold-blooded, have thin scales beneath their fur, have fangs, elongated tongues, as well as special spray glands in their throats to project a sort of filmy mucus which was vital to the race's survival in primal times. In fact, Luxian Hares did not develop fur until the Second Glacial Era in their homeworld's history; another evolutionary marvel that explains how they still exist today. As a cold-blooded creature, Marlboro is virtually invisible to thermal scanning technology.

Marlboro is able to utilize up to 83% of all food consumed and convert it directly into chemical energy, giving him what is known as 'Progressive Strength' – near Herculean might dispersed slowly at a gradually arc. In example, the longer Marlboro struggles in arm-wrestling an opponent, the stronger his arm-strength will grow over that period of time. If his opponent does not immediately overpower him, theoretically, the opponent will eventually lose against Luxian Progressive Strength…provided the muscles do not tear from overall strain and duress. Strength Tuning and Adrenal Compiler nanites further regulate the use of progressive strength by giving the hare the ability 'Stack Heaps' of stored kinetic energy and direct them toward whichever use is required—be further physical might or uncanny bursts of speed.

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