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wolf spirit

Name: Oconi pronounced (Ohhh-Con-eee)
Species: Spirit wolf
Age: Unknown
Personality: Oconi is very wise and truthful. He doesn't really have emotions anymore after taking so many innocent wolf souls and other beings souls to the world long forgotten. His soul duty is to ensure every spirit makes it either back to the body (if being given second chance) or taken to the Soulless World where all the forgotten beings reside. He barely ever speaks and half the beings who hear him don't understand what he says. (He speaks in latin most of the time so that is why.)
Likes: Quiet time alone to think, staring at food he wished he could taste, thinking of his life as a wolf
Dislikes: Taking pups to the "Soulless World" or explaining to them they can never go back to the living. He really dislikes dealing with wolves who were in love and had to leave their mates/ pups behind.
Other info: When Oconi did live he was a very strong wolf and no one would even dare challenge him in fights. Some feared him because his eyes were so white they thought he looked into their very soul. Some believed him blind, but he wasn't causing many wolves to ignore him or think him mad ("crazy"). When he was old enough he faced the pack leader, who was very old, but strong in morals. He killed the alpha very easily and the whole packed feared him even more. Later on he wanted a mate and started to be fond of a wolf named, Sytha (Sigh-thea), creamed colored with a white muzzle. Her father, Crean (Cree-and) began to fear that Oconi would kill her or even try to have puppies with her. In order to kill him he found an old shrine many wolves went to for guidance and made a pact with the devil selling Oconi's spirit to him. In order for this to work he had to kill Oconi first. Crean found rotten, unhealthy meat he hid inside fresh meat and gave it to Oconi as a gift for having his daughter as a mate. Oconi began to refuse, but Sytha urged him on saying her father was never this kind before and there must be reason to it. He nodded and began to eat the meat sharing some with Sytha after Crean had left with a smirk. The pack soon finds Oconi and Sytha dead and see that it was the meat that must have killed them, but it was poisoned. They searched forever to find who did it, but Crean had went to the devil to plead for Sytha's life back. As payment Crean had to allow one day for Oconi to come back to life after his duty was done and live his life with her. Crean spat at the devil, who in turn slapped Crean across the face, easily breaking his neck. With that done, Oconi was forever bound by the devil until his duty was done. He did not know once he was finished his mate would be waiting for him.

December 14th 2012 is his birthday, the day I adopted him.

Favorite Quote: Latin: "Res forgotten est peior quam nex." English: "Being forgotten is worse than death."

Oconi, story, and OC belong to ME!

Artwork belongs to http://yami-maru.deviantart.com/

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