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Ice wolf, part demon

Please download the ref sheet if you are thinking of drawing a fan art of him/ a trade with me using him/ a commission of him.

Please read it fully!

Name: Lyen (lion)
Design created: February 17th 2013, design upgraded by Kagay
Forms: Ice wolf/ frost wolf who's part demon
Or human
Status: Taken by Atima
Atima by Angelfonds
Age: Unknown
Personality: He loves Atima and he'd do anything for her. Though he can barely see her when she's a spirit he does all he can to be with her. Though he is a sexy guy and has all the ladies after him, Atima is loyal to him even if all that angers her. He does his best to help his son Leon in everything.
Info: Lyen has two forms, one where he is always white and blue for most of the day and at night he turns dark and evil. Lyen's mother is Amethyst, a white and black wolf with one blind eye. She is the self proclaimed princess of the Frozen wasteland. Raknezk, a demon lord/king of dragons came upon her land in hopes of gaining it. He had a son with her, Lyen, in a test to see if she'd give the land up so he can have her land. Sadly she refused to take her son and go. She'd rather he fend for himself and she rule her land. Long ago she made a pact with a demon in order to get her blind eye back. That demon's curse forever haunts Lyen's life now since the demon died. Raknezk was a wolf, demon/dragon who stayed out of Lyen's life. As of now Lyen doesn't know if his parents still live and truthfully he doesn't care for them. They were both evil and he stayed away from that life style. For now when he turns to his night form he makes sure his mate and son are safe.
Abilities: He can control ice, shift between forms during day or night, and is sexy.

Favorite Quote: "Even through a blizzard you can survive for those you love."

His son:
Including two others not linked.... check DA please.

Lyen character & information/story belong to ME!
Design & artwork belong to

Please don't steal, reuse, claim as own art, claim design/ character,etc!!
I paid $15 for both designs.

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