Felix & Yvonne by Angelfonds

Felix & Yvonne


14 October 2014 at 19:09:15 MDT

Felix & Yvonne
Male (right) & Female (left)
'4 6'
Two headed wolf

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Name: Yvonne (Left) (Y-von-ae) & Felix (Right)
Design Created: Unknown but not altered for 2014
Forms: Two headed wolf
Status: Single, straight
Age: About 2 years
Personality: Felix is very protective of his other head. Whenever someone hurts her feelings or she's angry he responds immediately. He gets annoyed when his other head doesn't wake up and he must wait for her. He always thinks he is better than everyone else.
Yvonne is very sweet and kind. When Felix gets upset or angry she is the only one who is able to calm him. She's the only wolf who's ever gotten close to him.
Felix and Yvonne were born together as one wolf. Though they don't know their parents they do know they are siblings even though Felix doesn't like to referred to as brother by her. He see's that as a weakness and normally just calls her Vonny. Yvonne knowing they are siblings calls Felix her brother a lot not caring how he feels. He normally ignores her, but Yvonne knows it just hurts him. The both of them had been there for each other. While Felix searches for a way to split them up, Yvonne not always agreeing with his sense of direction wants to find their parents and give them punishment.
Abilities: Felix is able to hypnotize anyone with his eyes if they look into both head's purple eye together. The two are unable to be split apart and normally fight together.
Favorite Quote: Felix-"Your crazy to think I can actually hypnotize you."
Yvonne-"Forget everything you hear, brother its gonna be alright."

Artwork & design belong to http://notarized.deviantart.com/

Character belongs to ME!

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