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Feline, wolf, or dragon


Please download the ref sheet if you are thinking of drawing a fan art of her/ a trade with me using her/ a commission of her.

More Examples of her dragon:
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Name: Angelfonds Crystalgem (Angel for short)
Name Meaning: Her name comes from my email... I created it 2 years ago and I noticed no one else had it and something about it fit me!
Real Name: Amanda Tickle
Gender: Female
Design created: 2013 altered in 2014 & keeping forever
Species: Kinder (kin-dur) Please look below if you wish to know more!
Sexuality: Straight (Mated to tyrthorn & secret love with
Feels Attracted to: tyrthorn (Can change/update this with time!)
Age: 22 (as old as me)
Personality: Angelfonds (like me) wishes to not harm others, let others forget the past pains and move on. She wants to help those in need. She wishes to not cause pain to others but help them heal. She is very kind and generous. No matter what pushes her in life or harms her she continues on. The amount of pain she receives helps rid of what little pain is in the world. She loves her tail above anything else. Although she loves to nom on ears and horns, real life human me isn't like that XD
Favorite Color: Blue, skyblue
Favorite Day: Saturday
Zodiac Sign/Birthday: Virgo......September 20th 1994
Scared Of: Heights, being hurt
Best Best Friends: Insol @ DA & others who know who they are!
Info: The wings and the ball near her tail do glow, but not always. She can hear very well with her bat like ears. Three lines are within each of her ears. She wears ring earrings on each ear and wears one necklace (from her grandmother). She has brown eyes with five small silver dots in each and black cheetah markings with one dot after them to match her crying. The six tiger stripes match the six spikes on the tail of the dragon. The dots on her paw pad are random now. She has black gums with two different shades of pink in her mouth. The rest you can see clearly in this ref. Basically you can see everything I mentioned here in her ref. ALL markings & things you see are required!
Element: Ice, but can also use healing magic
Abilities: Can hear well, uses magic, can fly, shifts forms.

~My Past~

Please read at own risk!!!! And don't judge anything below this line or even bad mouth about towards me. These are summary's or full info on past things that happened to me.
Life Events:
Well I grew up with my mother although my parents were divorced I visited both but mostly stayed with my mother and brother. He is 6 yrs younger than me. Well soon I noticed my mother drank beer often and always smoked so instead of buying us toys she got her addictions. So later on my aunt got involved and took me from my mother...she took care of us for a long time and we often went in and out of foster care.
We always stayed together until this last final time since the agency wanted to see us apart and I lived with my foster mom for eight years until I graduated in June going to college august 20th but school started 5 days later and now here I am....basic summary if you don't mind.
As for my father... he loved trains, black panthers, and often spoiled me cause I was his little princess... I only knew 4 out of 13 of us and I was 13 kids on his side. He drank beer too but he wasn't a bad guy. He used to cook marshmallows with me and I had a great time. He tried to teach me to ride a bike but he had a bad temper and hated when I cried or showed weakness. He had two dogs, a husky and forgot the other lol but her name was Jewel. Although he married his first cousin they often would fight when I was a little kid visiting... He loved eagles (the bird) so I kept many different kind of stuff animals. As of now he lives in Florida and has a farm with horses. He's a cowboy at mother is homeless living in Maryland with her cats. If you wish to know me/my past even more add me on Skype and become my friend!

~Kinder Species Info~

For those of you wondering what Kinder's are well here's a basic summary and explanation on them. Still working on their species chart and sadly Angel is the only one left so the species is CLOSED.
Kinder's are fairy winged snow leopards that have small saber teeth for females, but long sharp one for males. They using their fairy magic can shift their forms between wolf, small cat and a dragon. Each Kinder can be any color, have any markings, but their wings & fire floating by the tail have to match the most used color on them....for example light blue here on Angel. She is the last of her kind since a evil dark dragon lord wanted their magic for himself. I am still getting the story together but basically the source of their magic is from their fairy blood, but also the crystals surrounded by their home. Angel currently resides protected there by a wonderful knight, Zudic, who promised to keep her safe! Once I write more on her story this year you'll find out how she meet all her dragon friends. I'll fix & change the info here once I have a better story & more info on her species for now this is all I have.

Thanks for taking the time to read & I hope you adore her as much as I love her.

Previous ref before this:

My Dragon Ref sheet versions:
Not linking my other ref sheets because they are her old design... if you care to see check my gallery.

Example of Demon Angel now: (first stage before second link)

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