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6 October 2014 at 15:07:03 MDT

5ft 3in anthro, 18 inches feral
Marble Fox

A little over 8 months ago, I abandoned this girl. She was my fursona. And I left her behind. But for some time now this year I've felt terrible over it and wanted to bring her back. I finally worked up the motivation to do so. And so here she is. Back again, the fluff Muffin. I have to say that the improvement in my art is extremely vast by looking at her old refs. (Apr 7 2013), (May 18 2013), and (July 23 2013). The improvement is crazy intense and it burns to look at that old art. Anyways, Muffin's back but not as a sona. Just a main and dear-to-me character. She'll still retain all the info she use to have as my sona, however.

Name: Muffin
Nicknames: Muffin-fluff, fluff-butt, Muffy, Puppy
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual
Biological Family: Vulpine
Species: Marble Fox
Significant Other: Indigo
Old Info:

Birthday: June 7
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Element: Air
Planet: Mercury
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Lucky Colors: Blue
Lucky Number: Five, Nine

Introverted in unknown situations or around strangers. Very extroverted around those she knows and won't hold back her personality. Very feeling-based person and goes with her emotions more than she should sometimes. Can be more of a thinking person after she has calmed down. Tends not to judge people unless she has evident reason to. Generally very confident in her evaluations of other people. Can be very depressed or anxious at times without consciously controlling it. Otherwise a very happy person, is happiest in the company of others. Not competitive in any way really. Enjoys to solve puzzles but hates mind games set by others. Does her best to be straight-forward and blunt, regardless if it hurts someone (usually doesn't mean any harm). Commonly gets misunderstood. Will be accused of being angry/raging when she is perfectly calm because of the way she talks. Is generally very serious and takes things seriously. Will get into joking/hyper moods where she cannot stop laughing at the smallest of things.

Orange Creme Yoplait yogurt (as well as several other flavors), muffins (particularly apple muffins), plushies, going for walks, being adoringly called "Puppy", sleeping, sweet tea, pears, gaming

Repeating herself, stupid people and being surrounded by them, large crowds (due to anxiety), being alone and sleeping alone, being accused of something, insects, slimy things, confrontations, heights, being judged

-Body Information-
Body Type: Chubby and fluffy. Upper arms, thighs, and butt are big.
Anthro Age Appearance: 16 years old
Markings: Has freckles on her cheeks and splotchy-spots around the base of her tail and half-way around her waist. Fingers/palms and toes/soles are base fur color with brown-black going to knees and elbows. All tail tips and ear tips are brown-black. Muzzle-tip is brown-black with pinstrip marking going to just above the eyes.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Foods: Yoplait yogurt, apple muffins, pears
Favorite Drink: Sweet tea
Favorite Element: Air
Favorite Animal: Foxes
Favorite Type of Music: Anything


Art and Character © Foxxies

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