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Vik by Predaguy



130 lbs

Place of Birth:
Planet Mefalli
Social Class/Community Status:
Originally High Class. Until she ran away
Hekku, self-taught in various others.
2 Older Sisters, Nya & Cai. Father, Uhaj.
Hot headed, mischievous and flirty. Easily annoyed, and angered.
Very athletic and nimble, able to jump 10 times her height, heavily trained in most kinds of armed and hand-to-hand combat.
Red things, Money, Fighting, Collecting Weapons, Flirting and Sex.
Most Hated/Dislikes:
Criminals, Weak People, Waiting, Following Orders, Sappy Romance.
Become the most feared mercenary in the galaxy. (and keep criminals scared of doing bad things.)
Hardy, Determined.
Impatience, Caring(weakness as far as she's concerned).
Attachment/Loss, Death.
Collecting Weapons, Training, Reading.
Regular Routine:
Work out, Hunt for Work, Hunt Down Target, Loot Target for Cool Weapons, Collect Reward, Return to Ship.
Philosophy of Life:
Survival of the Fittest.
Attitude Toward Death:
Doesn't care as long as she doesn't know the person. Fears her own death.
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors:
Gets off on Seducing her Prey.
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience:
Death of her Mother at the hands of a hitman, she decided to cut off all attachments to loved ones, and dedicate her life to train herself to never suffer such a fate. (Still keeps an eye on her sisters from afar, even if she doesn't admit it.)
Sexual Preference/Experience/Values:
Bi-Sexual, she'll try to seduce anybody she finds attractive.
Education/Special Training:
Schooled in all the best facilities until she ran away, after that, taught by mercs to shoot and fight. Self-taught by reading books about many subjects.
Place/Type of Residence:
Mobile on a Small Personal Ship.
Mercenary/Bounty Hunter
Place of Work:
Wherever the hunt takes her.
Work-related Skills:
Proficiency in firearms, blades, and martial arts.


Vik was born into high society in her home planet of Mefalli. She lived a life of riches and luxury everyday and was loved dearly by her parents, Uhaj and Valla, and two older sisters, Nya and Cai.

She was a quick learner and top student in her schools and she was soon transferred to a boarding school.

Her father was a politician, although a crooked one. This put the rest of the family at great risk, since he was involved in deep plots of corruption and blackmail. It was because of this that one day his wife was gunned down by a hitman right in front of Vik during one of her visits at the school.

Vik managed to slip away unharmed, and returned to her house that very same night. She decided to run away from home and get vengeance from the people who killed her mother. However she was confronted by her father, who told her it was all his fault and that there was no one to get vengeance from, since it was all just the way corruption works. There was no way of knowing who had had her mother killed.

This strengthened Vik's resolve even more and she swore to root out all of the filthy criminals from her home planet. She took all of her savings and escaped from home, she cut off all ties with her family and bought herself a ship and the best training in firearms and martial arts money could buy.

She then set off to become the greatest gun for hire in the business, although at first she only took jobs if she could see the targets profiles, to try and make sure they were known criminals but their profiles were full of other details, like full lists of their family members, achievements and other non-criminal activities. She couldn't bring herself to kill her targets if she knew so much about them, so she had to force herself to take jobs with no profiles, so she could kill them in cold-blood for their crimes. No sympathy.

She had to adopt a persona, and learn to not care about death. She was working for the greater good, rooting out the evil of the world. She began to take joy in her work, and eventually became obsessed with becoming even better at it. Eventually she expanded her business off-world, and into other planets. She also began to collect all kinds of weapons from her victims and learning to use them all effectively in combat, to the point where she has an entire portion of her ship dedicated to keeping her steadily growing arsenal on display.

She has grown to truly enjoy playing and toying with her prey before killing them, always finding new and creative ways to end them. With an apparent total disregard for life at this point she has become one of the most feared mercs, a goal she keeps always in mind. She has become the very thing she swore to root out.

Her father, seeing the error of his ways, still actively looks for her all across the galaxy to try and get her to return to the way she was.

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    oh hey! I like all the extra deets you added. I need to do that too!

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      Thanks a lot! I figured I might as well add as much as I could think of!