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Creostryssintilzuamyth by Shadderstag



~12'8" (in armor)
~750 lbs, more with armor

Name: Creostryssintilzuamyth but everyone calls her Creost
Age: 18 (her species has a life expectancy of 60)
Gender: Female (her species is unisex but she uses female pronouns for simplicity's sake)
Height: ~12'8" in her armor, which varies each time she rebuilds it
Length: ~28' long without armor and in a relaxed position, can stretch out her body
Species: Khaeyn (one of the universally accepted common names for her species; translators translate her species self-designated name as "self")
Occupation: Quartermaster
Personality: Callous, adventurous, curious, intense, methodical, perceptive, spontaneous, dominating, impassive, unpredictable, fearless, inconsiderate, sadistic
Likes: Water, disciplining others, exploring space
Dislikes: Being expected to play human, greed

I've been developing Creost for a while now. She started off as a concept for a "blind date" group on Tumblr for a pirate crew and then it died :| But hey, it gave me the opportunity to work on something totally different than my norm for once!

Species Information:
From a planet that is mostly oceans, they developed the ability to create a biological construct out of mucus, saliva, and a mineral compound their bodies produce. They used these bio-armor suits to get around on land, becoming the dominant species of their planet both in the water and out of it. They're basically large brains with eyes, teeth, a long sinuous body and 22 tentacles of varying functions. The species lacks bones or supportive structures of any kind other than muscles. They lack vocal cords or any means of creating or hearing sound. On their home planet the communicate entirely with body language and have a very extensive vocabulary. They can stretch out their bodies to incredible lengths, as well as compact them into what looks to be impossibly small spaces. They have neurons all through their tentacles and body, so their very large brain in their head is only part of their highly complex nervous system. Possessing amazing regenerative properties, they can lose over half of their main brain and still function perfectly fine. They are perplexed by species with endoskeletons and their inability to regenerate.

There is only one sex, and gender is lost on them. Some individuals have chosen pronouns to make it easier to communicate with other species. They reproduce by laying eggs in host bodies using a long ovipositor not unlike an Earth grasshopper. They also have two internal tentacles that they use to stimulate their ovipositor and deposit eggs inside the hosts. Hosts can be alive or dead. Parental instincts are very much lacking in the species.

When their planet was discovered by other species, they had to develop a means of communication, and so they created a translator that they embedded directly into one half of their brains. The translators would pick up the patterns of their thoughts and translate them out loud for other species to hear, as well as pick up the sound waves in the air and translate them into an understandable mental language so they could understand their visitors. They were able to use one half of their brains to think only "public" thoughts, while they used the other to think "private" thoughts, though in damaged individuals lacking part of their brains they would become crossed and babble anything and everything, which as it turns out, is quite a lot, their brains working very quickly. When asked for their species name, the translator would only say "Self", and so they were given a wide variety of names, though the most common seems to be Khaeyn, which their translators turn into "to eat", much to everyone's combined amusement and consternation. When asked for the names they used for the individuals, the results sounded not unlike someone had run their hands carelessly over a keyboard. Turns out translating body language into spoken language has some drawbacks.

About Creost:
More Information to come

Creost, Khaeyn, art (c) Scott Francis

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    I really like her design, and the species information is majorly interesting!

    • Link

      Thank you very much! I forgot some things but I had company coming over so I had to wrap it up lol

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    I want one for a pet.

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      Ahah I wouldn't suggest it. They're more intelligent /and/ have different morals than humans. Plus they don't really understand that other species can't just grow back half their bodies like they can.

      Now if you mean you want one for a /Pet/, well... there are probably ways to negotiate that one ;)

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    Awesome!! Love how this turned out! Such a creative design and I love the chosen colours for it! Shoulders up is my favourite part and the tail is wicked cool. I just love the armour. X3

    • Link

      Aw thank you so much! I had a lot of fun making it as alien as possible. I really wanted something that wasn't humanoid in appearance or behavior in the slightest! (Also goddamn it took me forever to settle on colors/patterns for her T_T)

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        It turned out awesome.

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    Still love this design. :D