orchid by wolfe-bones



25 June 2014 at 10:38:40 MDT

~ 3 ft shoulder, 9 ft long
~360 lbs

hey look its my baby orchid! in a completely...sfw ref.

idek, popping her right here bc essentially her character was tailor made specifically to serve out my trashy oviposition kink so uh. yeah. while its not overtly sexual i wouldnt exactly feel comfy w that floating around so blatantly on my deviantart account ya know haha oh my god

i do intend to make supplementary refs down the line to add to this main/basic one that more outline stuff about her esophageal muscles and ovipositor function, etc. but that will all come in due time

some extra info that might be useful:
-she is intelligent to the point of being possibly sentient, though does not speak any quantifiable human language
-her skin is wrinkled and with the thick, silky texture of flower petals
-the first set of limbs have 4 toes per foot, second set has 3 toes per foot, hind limbs have 4 toes per foot
-the undersides of her paws[the pads] are the same white as her stomach
-she is more fit to climbing various rougher surfaces than she is capable of walking/running on flat terrain
-the inside of the three tentacle prongs at the end of the esophageal muscle equate to the tongue/taste buds
-the esophageal muscle is fully extended only during the egg-laying process, otherwise it is retracted within the neck tissue
-the tail petals are fleshy and have similar inner texture to the tongue, and can open up. they are used to carry hatchlings

otherwise uhh! if you have any questions you wanna ask about her that might not be around to find uhh, feel free to ask!!!
ill be posting this to my main weasyl and my deviantart later today but birdbones watchers get first dibs on seeing her ref

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    slobbers all ov e r her face Kiss kiss

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    ok but i have this headcanon that like..
    the whole breeding process for these plant parasite creatures is very similar to that of the praying mantis
    where the males are a l ot smaller than the females and a lot more earthy colored
    and they gotta respect the lady and be super careful Doin the do or else they'll get eaten

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      AHH thats actually pretty spot on! i based her species stuff off both ants/termites and mantises. males only really exist as specifically bred drones and they rove around for that shit until they mate, and are eaten after mating.........oops

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    -sweats- yes, good, this is a good character that is all (I would smooch her)