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23 June 2014 at 14:54:24 MDT

1'60 / 5'2
50 kg
Silver Kitsune

Name: Banshee, formerly known as Dawniie Aeonix before her death and the lost of her memories.
Species: Deceased Silver Kitsune
Element: Ice Elemental
Gender: Female
Height: 160 / 5'2
Body Type: Slim, feminine and very delicate
Body Temperature: Below 0C
Hair Type: Hair has many layers and reaches out to her knees
Dressing Style: Robes & Cloth Armour
Weakness: Limited Mana Pool
Advantage: High DPS and Fast Movement

Gentle and alone she wanders, retreating herself from the world. Slowly converting etherealness in a physical distinguishable form. Once she regained a fraction of her strength, she outcasts herself. Her memories are vague. Is she a good soul? Is she a bad soul? ...She cant help but desire revenge. But from whom? or what? A glimpse of a memoir, pain, and darkness. Pitch black darkness. A ghost lady with unfinished business attached to this world through her very own pain.

This soul, "Banshee", is very conflicted. She can be a quiet and peaceful spirit and yet, she can be misdeedy, greedy and power hungry. She is led by the emotions of her past life and can not rationalize her acts. Her goal is to regain pieces of her memory and her motif is vengeance and power.

Since young she was very interested in spellcraft and witchcrafting, therefor she alienated herself in libraries and in her room to read and learn all about the subject.

As a result for this kind of life, Banshee grew without friends and social abilities. She prefers to be alone and enjoys it. She always doubts the person's intentions and in some cases looks for a way to avoid contact. It takes long for her to actually open her heart to people, but once she does, she never lets go.

The arcane magic Banshee developed throughout her childhood opened many new doors for her, the ability to see far more than what normal people do (souls, auras, entities, seals and doors to other dimensions). Without this arcane magic, she wouldnt have been able to meet Arctos, an ice deity on the verge of death, who exchanged his knowledge for the opportunity to travel and see the world through her eyes. Banshee agreed to Arctos' full conditions and gave him her eyes.

Banshee has problems dealing with persons, she is too sensible and emotional and feels like she can get along far better with wild animals than persons. Arctos eyes, however, forced her to change her ways of life and meet persons throughout her journey, making significant changes in the way she sees the world. But little did she knew that all would eventually lead to her death...

Banshee and artwork © IceBanshee, Nancy Andrews
Please do not copy, edit or redistribute

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    Really well designed, like the outline of her personality too.

    And seriously cute, of course :)

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    I still remember the first iterations ofy this character, lovely to see how she evolved

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    That looks absolutely stunning, some really shiny and beautiful design!! Really gorgeous color scheme, some really intriguing backstory too.