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Charlie Scene

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11 April 2014 at 10:34:37 MDT

Charlie Scene
21 years old
Unknown, tall
unknown, underweight

Mc Shizzle, you can call me Shizz or Shizzle if you like though. This guy, if i win him, would be my Third Sima, After Blink (who i feel reminds me of Blink182) hence the name And Elio :'D his son. I'd love to add another band based character to my collection, and this guy is a total dreamie

Sima name:
Charlie Scene, goes by the name Charlie or Sceney, but call him Charles and he's likelly to put a bullet through your head... He won't explain why his parents called him what they did, all he'll say is that its his name, and you have no reason to know any more about him than that.

Sima gender:
Male, he has a masculine design, and all members of Hollywood Undead are male, so i thought this fitted well... I can't see him being a female if im completely honest with you

Im going to let Charlie himself Explain this one...

"Hello there, My name is Charles Scene, but most people tend to call me Charlie... I'm a half American, Half Italian guy living in the depths of America, just trying to get by, by any means i must take... Now, im what most people nowadays call a trouble maker, a bad egg, and to them it seems im just here to make others lives a misery. Now im not that bad darling, I do what i have to in order to make an impression and make my life easier to live when times get rough for you, less ambitious folk. In my point of view, people are worthless if they don't try and do something with themselves, heck, im worthless!

I'm the sort of person your mummy told you to avoid, and your daddy told you never to date, and im glad about that... Yes, i'll admit, im a violent guy, i have a short temper and i lash out pretty often, but that doesn't stop the ladies falling at my feet. Y'know what they say, good girls love bad boys, even though we usually screw them over, well i do, anyways. I'm a bad influence and i know it... I smoke, i drink and i swear a lot... But im not to blame for that, My parents were jerks and left me to raise myself, so i did, just not in the way most would have done, I've turned into a guy who is full of spite and spits venom in my words very often.

I do my best to avoid conflict with the law, but any other sort of conflict is great. If its going to make my life even a little bit more interesting then let it happen! I have a major love for revenge, and get my revenge in any way possible which usually involves violence and being sneaky... I drink, i smoke and i do what i shouldn't but that's what most people know me for, so there's no use in changing when im known and loved for it now, is there?"

(So Basically, he's a nasty, spiteful, revenge driven guy with no respect for women and a bad temper...)

Reason for the name:
Well he's based on hollywood undead, and one of the members is called Charlie Scene... Plus i thought the name really suited him... I dont know why, but when i hear the name charlie, i think of cuddly cute and childish, so i thought this was ironic as Charlie is a nasty guy to the bone.

Why the face mask?:
Well due to his use of bad language often, his parents made him wear the face mask and he has ever since... He also sees it as a way to hide who he really is... he hates himself and the mask allows him to cover his true self up

How'd he get the scars?:
Charlie got his scars in a fight he got in a bar one day... One day during a drunken brawl someone bottled him, causing the scars... Charlie also gets in to fights often which leaves him with scars all over, both mental and physical

Charlie likes a lot of things... Alcohol, Cigarettes, annoying people and just being a nuisance. Its what he lives for! Charlie wouldn't be himself if he didn't like this stuff... He also secretly adores his heritage, but that's a secret best kept between just you and me. He also adores music and rapping, though he keeps that to himself most of the time.

There is a lot that he hates with a passion. Cute relationships, mushy stuff, goody two shoes... that sort of stuff... If its anything to do with the law and happiness for others he usually despises it, so keep that in mind if you ever get to meet him. He also seems to dislike himself quite a bit,but he only shows this when he is feeling sorry for himself.

Sexual Orientation:
Charlie is as straight as they come. He is a womanizer and is pretty much a homophobic... He likes women to much to be anything but a straight guy

Charlie has cluster A personality disorder which makes him, 'odd and eccentric'
He has shown some of the signs of Schizoid and Shizotypal illness:

emotionally 'cold'
don't like contact with other people, prefers his own company
has a rich fantasy world

eccentric behavior
odd ideas
difficulties with thinking
lack of emotion, or inappropriate emotional reactions
see or hear strange things

The underlined ones are what he usually suffers with in terms of them. Most people think this is why he is so spiteful and nasty most of the time.

I see him as being roughly 21 years old in terms of human years. So about 3 or 4 in terms of animal years? he's a young adult and fully grown for definite though

Charlie was born in the middle of summer, July 20th... He doesn't celebrate it though, thinking it another one of those things that are unnecessary and boring.

Where was he Born?:
Charlie was born in California and has lived their his entire life. He has a slight Italian accent due to his mother having the accent since he was a young kid.

He is an only child, well that is what he's always been told, he isn't really sure though... He doesn't actually care much for a sibling though

He doesn't have any pets. He can barely look after himself, let alone an animal. Plus the fact he is pretty much heartless and doesn't care for anyone but himself.

He was and always will be not very close to his mother. She was close to him and his father but she ran away with another man when the family moved to America. His father is the only person he's ever been close to, relating to the guy in more ways than one, and it tore him apart when the guy died.

Best Friends:
None, he lost them all a long time ago, back when he was in the gang and killed the leader of them all in a split second decision...

Charlie isn't religious at all, he doesnt bother himself with religions, preferring to base his life around the bad stuff rather than the only stuff that could probably save him from himself.

He doesn't like anyone and isn't looking either

None at the moment. He's more into simple one night stands and flings

Heck no! he doesn't want to commit to anyone. He's unfaithful so that wouldn't work

He actually suprisingly does want to be a father one day. but isn't really ready for the responsibility. This is probably due to the fact he wants to prove to everyone he can amount to more than just a criminal if they give him a chance

Feral form he stands about 3 ft at the shoulder, anthro form he stands about 6ft exactly from head to toe, so he is rather tall... He always seems taller than he actually looks due to his very large and powerful aura.

He won't weigh himself, but looking at him he looks slightly underweight, being very skinny and tall. He is always on the move which is probably why he is so thin.

Eye Color:
A gorgeous Amber colour that seems to sparkle in the sunlight... it matches the colour of the last embers of a dying flame. they are always bright and full of life, apart from when he is angry, when they seem to be burning and fiery...

Hair color:
His hair is a perfect shiny dark grey with flares of cream on some of the tips... it is always glossy and shimmery, and is suprisingly naturally dead straight, he doesn't have to do anything to it too get it to look perfect like it usually does...

Fur color:
His fur is a mix of lots of different colors mixed together. It's always soft to the touch as he takes very good care of it. Its mainly greys, blacks, whites and reds...

Charlie has plenty of scars... on his hands, arms and one on the top of his shoulder covered by fur... he got them all from fights he has gotten into in the past...

Clothing Style:
He (as an anthro) usually wears clothes like jeans, jackets and shirts... he is a very simple dresser and prefers black and white clothing as that is what he thinks suits him best. His clothing is a lot like what you see in old Italian Mafia dress. Another thing he always wears is his bandana, simply because he's grown up wearing it.

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