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9 March 2014 at 10:44:51 MDT

Some hundred years (21 in appearance)
Zora - Sea Dragon

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An OC that I've created a long time ago, also for a contest.

Personnality: Aerandir is very hateful towards the Hylian kind since he has been locked by some of them. He’s most of time distrustful and solitary, not giving his trust to people except if these ones showed that they were pure and gentle beings. He isn’t the kind to talk so much and keeps a lot of secrets around his life and his people, but the rumours say he would be the reincarnation of an ancient god.

Story: I don’t have so many elements about it yet. XD Only that he was captured some times ago because of his rarity and that some greedy and selfish nobles of Hyrule decided to keep him a bit like a pet or the kind of thing to show proudly to the others to make them jealous. Unfortunately for Aerandir, his magic abilities had been locked by some special objects so he couldn’t rebel and was forced to stay inside what we call a golden prison. But maybe someone will release him soon…

Aerandir is from the rarest specie of Zoras, they call them the sea dragons or the dragon people. (wink to Wind Waker :3)

Here are some details about this specie:

  • They leave in the farthest places of the oceans, it’s told that they have the power to transform into real dragons or to control the elements around like the weather and the streams. They also could be able to communicate by telepathy.
  • This is a very proud people, they’re considered as nobles among the Zora kind. Some other people also consider them as deities or great spirits.
  • As they leave very deep in the ocean and that the sunlight can’t reach them, their body products its own light. They also allow them to recognize each other inside the “tribe”.
  • To be able to support the surplus of oxygen on the surface they use a special gem on their chest.

Hope you will like it… And please don't steal the ideas.

Aerandir © Webmegami
Zora race © Nintendo

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    Wow, he's very beautiful! <3 I love your take on the Zora style of dress and markings.

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    Woah, very impressive! Love the Zora pattern. <3