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Alessio Felici by Felici

Alessio Felici


Alessio Felici
Rusty spotted genet

It's me! Finally I found a little to time to work on a little description.
Alessio is my representation and so we both share many similarities. He is in fact also used for stories of mine in different time periods. This may be something special, but we both enjoy costuming and acting a lot. x)

“As long as the poor have illnesses and the rich have little ailments, I will make ends meet.” With this sentence Alessio described his work to a prospective travel companion. The 27-year-old barber-surgeon earned his money as a traveling healer in the south of France after the Thirty Years’ War.Calm, roguish, professionally reserved and maybe even a little bit stern at first glance- this is the impression he often left on people after exchanging the first few words. To those who were not undeterred by the cynical and captious attitude of his and took time for him, he showed a more pleasant facet of his personality. His work-related creativity was not only helpful for producing promising ointments but also for selling it with persuasive arguments and a pinch of finest gallow humor.

Shady business dealings were no reason for him to back off, as he was driven by his exceptional strong curiosity for medical questions and the wish to enhance his economic status as well.

He had a soft spot for confectionery, especially those with fruit filling."

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    All the books! <D

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      Books! One can never have enough of them! \o/

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    Awwww, How cute! Is this your new fursona?
    Did'nt you have a cute lil vampire hamster a while back, tho? o m o Is he dead??

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      I have him already for years! x)
      And yes, that's right. But after thinking over and over again I decided to chose a better fitting one that represents me and not something I want to be.

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        But everyone want's to be a vampire hamster! Oh! I see.
        I kinda miss the hamster tho, he was cutes as well. u v u

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    the different time periods thing is really cool c:

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    I really enjoy your character designs, as well as their personal backgrounds. Would love to read more about them!

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    Genet <3