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Yeah, I was going to upload Parsley's but... Gators are my favorite. If you can't tell by my username. Also, I feel like Ryker might be an interesting character to work with. He seems kind of one dimensional but I think there's a lot going on inside.
Anyways, if you're reading this, you'll need this info to understand the background info:

  • Traducts are people who can channel magic. (coming from the latin word traductus which means passageway or transportation)
  • Society basically hates all Traducts and wants to murder all of them in order to "keep balance."
  • Traducts came out of a sudden outbreak of magic that collapsed society, forcing society to reform around the idea of wiping out all sources of magic.

Personality: Uses the words yo and whaddup unironically, not good with relationships but desperate for one, decisive and friendly, but not the most aware when it comes to emotions

Appearance: Has a tribal tattoo on his left arm, wears an arm band around his right for emergencies (such as cuts/injuries), wears a tank top, cargo shorts, but goes barefoot

Sexuality: Homosexual

Background Info:

Ryker was never book-smart. He wasn’t able to memorize facts, or do multiplication tables in split seconds, but he was definitely clever. School wasn’t his thing, but he was good at logic puzzles and other things in general. However, what he was actually good at was fighting. Of course, he got in trouble a lot as a kid, but when it came to high school, he was ready to sign up for the wrestling team. He quickly became team captain, and reached an all-time high in his life.

However, like most high school students, he had literally no idea what he was going to do with his life. Thinking about it, though, he eventually decided to join the army after high school, as he didn’t feel like he wanted a college job. He came back at around the age of 21, and was extremely bored with life. That quickly ended as a revolution broke out between the Traducts and the non Traducts.

He quickly realized that this war was far worse than the one he’d been fighting, in, though. During the time of the revolution, he'd been living with his aunt. When he watched her die at the hands of a Traduct, it became personal for him. He was determined to find a reason for the war to end, so he began looking for a way to settle the war in different cities and towns.

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