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3 March 2014 at 22:24:28 MST

142 Lbs
White Shepherd Dog

This is the first design I have for Cayce, the protagonist of the game I want to develop. He's supposed to wear flannel but I really fucking hate those patterns, so I might change it around? He looks extremely generic right now, so I will have to improve him soon.

Anyways, here's some basic information that you need in order to understand this:

  • Traducts are people who can channel magic. (coming from the latin word traductus which means passageway or transportation)
  • Society basically hates all Traducts and wants to murder all of them in order to "keep balance."
  • Traducts came out of a sudden outbreak of magic that collapsed society, forcing society to reform around the idea of wiping out all sources of magic.

Okay, more information.

Personality: Observant, Friendly, but kind of a dick once you get to know him better

Appearance: Doesn't trim much, so got lots of fur, but he makes sure to keep it out of his eyes. Normally wears a flannel shirt and jeans, but on occasion or at work will wear a suit. He has a small marking close to his eye.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

All right, time for the background:

Cayce is a White Shepherd dog born to a powerful Traduct father and a completely ordinary mother. When he displayed signs of being a Traduct, his mother and father both decided that it was best if he didn't know, so his father used his own magic in order to alter Cayce's memories of being a Traduct so that he would never find out.

Growing up, Cayce was a happy kid. When he learned about the magic outbreak in elementary school, though, he began to think that Traducts deserved their place in society, hiding in the shadows. However, as he grew older, he started learning more about the magic outbreak in general. Throughout middle school, he constantly questioned what Traducts did to deserve exile and execution. In high school, after learning more about the Traduct "threat", he found himself unable to accept society's view on the subject. Cayce definitely still thought that Traducts were terrifying, though. However, Cayce never acted on his feelings, as that would most likely get him killed.

When he got to college, he met a Great Horned Owl named Parsley, who he quickly became friends with. They basically bromance throughout college, and even decide to move in together after they graduate.

Cayce's life in the apartment with Parsley was basically just on and off girlfriends, and working as a psychiatric resident. It was a pretty comfortable life for him, until the revolution broke out.

When the Traduct revolution broke out, the small town that they lived in began to collapse around them. Determining it best to escape, Cayce and Parsley start getting out of the city. Before they escape, Cayce gets injured by a Traduct. However, Parsley, being a Traduct as well, heals Cayce so that they can fight off the attacker.

After they escaped, Cayce was a bit shocked by Parsley's magic, but it quickly went away due to their friendship. Shortly afterwards, his father finds him, and tells him that he was a Traduct as well. Still shocked, Cayce discovers that he is able to use magic. When his father leaves, he and Parsley look for a new place to go, hoping to find a place that isn't affected by the revolution.

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    is Cayce pronounced like Casey

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      not that im aware of it should be like "Case"