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Zedél Teal by Raimowola

Zedél Teal


Zedél Teal
129.32 l s
Gemstone Humanoid: Spinel Stone

Birthday: January 3rd

Orientation: Homo

Status: Single

He is a very quiet guy who doesnt speak often, but when he meet someone he despite or find annoying to him, he wont talk at all, seriously. He will give silent treatment if they screw something up in front of him, he doesnt make expression at all, but easy to read on one thing behind him is because of Zedong's aura. When he say "it's ok." But you can see his eyes saying "hell no, I am gonna hunt you down, fucking brat." thingy. He is a very picky and quiet person with no expressions to read, but can read his aura easily. He seem to act really calm and cool, which he does.

He was actually born a orphan, his father died way before he was still in his mom's belly. His mom's family and dad's family are actually rich but despite each another as the enemies. One day, his parents escaped together and made loves, created their kid, Zedél. Then Zedél's mom's family found out and went to hunt his dad and killed him. But his mkm want to keep him and the family was allow to do that but when he is born, they must kill her for being a shame to her family. So when he was born, his mom died by the iv shot replacement, the Butler of her was doinf her will to put the baby in orphanage privately without the families knowing. So he was at a orphanage, he wasnt treated good at the foster care by the bullying, mean kids. But only the director at orphanage was so gentle to him, she is like a grandma to him. Until one day his mom's family found out when Zedél is still alive by 14 years old. He and the kids escaped but some kids and adults, even the director he loved died the flame of orphanage. He was mourning over that until he decided to start to create his own life at the early age before 18. He was a thief at first until a certain good person who is his friend caught him stealing and start to teach him how to get job and home, etc. He started to live normal as a middle class other than not wanting to be a high selfish class.

He despite this power of his, he hate the loud sounds, obviously. But his only power is to scream, so it boom/echo to attack another people.

• Watching Documentary/History shows
• Peaceful song
• Reading
• Sweet foods
• Fixing hairstyles/color
• Makeup on other people's face
• Pink color

• People who dont understand the passion of being hair stylist and make up stylist
• People bad-mouthing behind his back (if he finds out, you wont like him being pissy xD)
• Loud music
• Annoying loud people who is too cheerful/sassy
• Despite all colors but pinkyyy~

Arts, Zedél (c) Raimowola

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