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Elyisa Avalon by Raimowola

Elyisa Avalon


Elyisa Avalon
5"2 ft
165.03 lbs
Unicorn Humanoid

╰☆╮ Birthday: November 17th

╰☆╮ Body Build: She is quite normally average height, especially not her body fit the height measurement. She has more fats in her body and is quite chubby, but she is quite a beauty with confidence body to show that she isnt afraid of her body~

╰☆╮ Orientation: Bisexual~

╰☆╮ Status: Single

╰☆╮ Job: Model

╰☆╮ Motto: "Oh dear, what kind of clothes should I buy~?"

╰☆╮ Personality:
She is a very cheery, happy personalty. She can talk to people easily with her very confidence personality, she isnt afraid of anything. You could say she is really a stubborn person if she doesnt want to admit anything that fear her or make her feel funny. She isnt a type of person to give up so easily!!! Elyisa is sometime a very secretive person, she doesnt express that easily to people, even the people she trust as well.

╰☆╮ History:
She does have the parents to grow up with, she live a happy life with her parents. It's was quite a normal life with some privacy and loving-dovey parents. So one day, Elyisa first watched the tv with her family for the new years all together until the family saw the commercial of having to replace the model kid, if they do it. They get money instead, and then they took her in, Elyisa was famous for the star glowing toys commercial ever since then until now. Elyisa was happy at the thought of being a super star when she was age of 7 years old but until she was growing up more older, and more hormones. She didnt like being a super star and all because it is ruining her family because all of her family became quite snobby and force-able her to work harder and be successful for them to get more money. Then again, when she turn 16 years old, she moved out to live with her cousin and became a model in a personal place that where no one could bother her or someone whom bother her would get arrested. She lived much better after that when she moved into a Unicorn Kingdom apart from her family living in the fantasy forest.

╰☆╮ Likes:
★ Clothes
★ Working (she is a workholic)
★ Bows
★ Glasses
★ Stocking
★ Going out with great people
★ Meeting people with similar interests
★ Looking at stars

╰☆╮ Dislikes:
★ Taking a break from work
★ Being sick
★ Heartbroken
★ People with no taste of fashion (she help them to change xD)
★ Rude people
★ Tanning
★ Make up
★ Sweets

Arts, Elyisa (c) Raimowola

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