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Stullie Black by Raimowola

Stullie Black


Stullie Black
5"4 ft
97 lbs
Grim Reaper/Human

Birthday: February 14, 1996

Species: Grim Reaper; Human

Personally: He is very cold and grumpy almost everyday but deep down somewhere in his heart, he can be nice sometime and sometime he barely smile or laughed depend on people he is with. Whatever he is with his boyfriend, he would be always tempted to show loves and all the lovely dovey thing that couple do, but at the same time he felt he couldn't, tempted on the another side to be tsundere. He really hated to be called names and being picked on, he would defiantly kick your ass for sure, no matter how small or big it is. He is similar like a old grumpy man that get angry and mutter under his breath and hate to admit when someone is right and he is not. If you allow him to be right and let him owned you, and after that he would feel bad, and mutter under his breath and say sorry, and that you're right, and he is wrong. He can be easily offended and grumpy, cranky. He can be nice, but he is pretty twist with his words in the another way around to show love.

Orientation: Homosexual (Gay)

Bio: He have 2 siblings, however they are both male. One is youngest, Chomo Black, another middle brother is Ayano Black. Stullie is the oldest brother of all siblings. His parents loved Ayano so much that they rather to keep him, and let Stullie off dead (aka; don't care about Stullie). He would often be prejudicial by his parents that they don't like about Stullie. When he was 13, he moved out by force by his parents while leaving the 2 siblings with the harsh prejudicial parents. He was still 13, until the day closer to his birthday, Chomo was found dead on February 13th, Stullie always accused his parents for it, since his parents are just nasty with people the way they treated them. When he turned 14 on the next day, he died by his father strangling him, and when Stullie died, His parents made sure to cut his heart out and throw the hearts in the toilet and caressed Stullie as if he is a doll and kept saying he is such a good boy without being rebel teen. And that's when being a grim reaper begun for him. God knowing him as through the tough life, and want to allow him to have a second chance, and made him into the different kind of powerful species, Grim Reaper. He met his brother in the After Life, Chomo. Chomo has become a werewolf. Stullie and Chomo still is living in After Life world until now(now as Stullie is 16 now) to travel and collecting objects to go back to their home world to reborn a better life.

Relationship: Taken by Narceus

Arts, Stullie (c) Raimowola

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