Andy (alternatively Elliott) by snowcoon

Andy (alternatively Elliott)


20 January 2014 at 02:18:12 MST

Andy (alternatively Elliott)
Snow leopard/maine coon mix

-sexuality: pansexual
-status: in a relationship
-height: 5'6" in anthro, 1'7" in feral
-weight: 180 lbs in anthro, 135 lbs in feral
-important things to note about design: The 3 markings (shoulder 'shooting star', hip 'figure 8' and forearm rune) are the only things not symmetrical about his design. all 3 also are the darkest grey (only used for them). his hair is cut like a mohawk but he's almost always too lazy to style it (except for concerts). both top canines are too big for his face and stick out. markings often come in groups of 5.
-style: Pink Floyd or Elliott Smith band shirts, or button-up plaid (green&black or red&black) on top. black jeans (with plain black belt) on bottom. he also wears a crystal, the same rune as his marking and a Cernunnos pendant as 3 necklaces, along with a watch with a dark teal band and a black face, and a rainbow ring. often wears a black punk-style jacket (it's actually his boyfriend's).
-personality: usually quiet when you first meet him, but likes to talk if you get to know him. very loyal towards friends, but very cold and rudely sarcastic towards anyone he dislikes. he loves his boyfriend a lot a lot and would do anything for him. he's cocky as times (when he's reminded of him intelligence), but it usually just comes off as confidence because he's actually pretty shy about it. he's very independent.
-fun facts: he smells like dragon's blood incense. the 'figure 8' hip marking is based off of the cover of Elliott Smith's album "Figure 8". his shoulder marking has a double meaning- half being a song he sang at Outdoor School as a counselor, the other half being from Elliott Smith's song, both songs are called "Shooting Star". They reflect his two prominent moods/emotions: dreary, dreamy nostalgia and sad, fucked up love.

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