Tyler and David by Dragonien

Tyler and David


18 January 2014 at 17:02:21 MST

Tyler and David
19 and 21
5' and 7'6"
Dreki (Dragon)

Meet Tyler and David.

Twin brothers that are Dragonien's cousins.

the two of them originally started as characters in the interactive story i put together, that several people on and off FA helped me get going.

Check it out here


And as the story progressed their characters got more and more fleshed out in my head, untill i decided to make them canon.

Tyler is the little one. hes a small, 5 foot tall lanky Purple dragon. classic nerd. smart, a bit shy, and has a jealousy streak about his brother David that he usually does a good job to hide.

David is the much larger one. 7 foot 6 inches of Ocean blue bodybuilder built dragon. star football player at his local college and a somewhat oblivious, but friendly brother. He'll tease Tyler about the drastic size difference, all in good fun, and doesnt seem to realize how jealous Tyler is that David got all the height.

Both of them, like Dragonien, have a minor mental mutation that gives them a psuedo-telepathic ability.

Tyler's mutation causes his eyes to emit a photonic signal (Flashes of light) from his eyes that's unnoticeable to the naked eye, but the subconscious picks up on. If the brain is a biological computer, the eyes are an input device. taking in Light and translating it into biological 'computer code'. Seeing the photonic signal from Tyler's eyes is like downloading a virus into your brain. said 'virus' causes the brain to rewire the pleasure center of the brain to specific auditory senses. in essence, it causes hearing Tyler's voice to release floods of endorphins and positive feelings, making Tyler's voice almost addicting, to the point you would do just about anything to hear more. in a nutshell. looking in his eyes pretty much mind controls you. Thats why Tyler always wears those glasses, to obscure his eyes so hes not always effecting people unintentionally, as the ability is always on, he has no way to turn it off.

David, unlike the other two, is not aware he has an ability. (And when the abilities manifested, made him become secretly jealous of Tyler). David's brain subconsciously alters his bioelectric field, to where it effects that of people around him. it causes people in a relative proximity to him to have their senses of smell, sight and sound to be altered slightly, to make them more receptive to the defining features of David's body, to the sound and tone of his voice, and his natural scent. it makes them more receptive to listening too him, to agreeing with him. In magic terms, he has a constant 'glamour' to him, making him slightly more attractive, and charismatic to those within range of the effect. obviously it only works in person so say, on the phone, it will do nothing. and the effect is mild at best, a far cry from the 'mind control' that Tyler has. its more like having a +8 in charisma for him.

Artwork by the awesome Novra https://www.furaffinity.net/user/novra

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