Axerian Envery by Kurozuki

Axerian Envery


17 January 2014 at 21:20:46 MST

Axerian Envery
7 feet long. 5 feet tall
very light

Personality changes depending on how he feels and his mood

To whom it may ever concern,

No one knows how the creature came to be or how this creature has been around. Some say this creature was around when humankind was born, a creature made of pure evil, death, destruction. There are many tales and names for this creature such as Death's assassin, The executioner, The end. No one has ever seen the creature, but those who have seen it were killed swiftly, without mercy, only their blood and torn up body remains. Those who somehow have seen him, can recall what it looks like. They recall this creature being around 7 feet long and 5 feet tall, 3 large horns on its back and 3 small ones on its tail and two on its head with strange patterns inside. Though, his face was covered by the hood and the mouth by bandages, it's eyes, the left one green as if it were seeing your life before it's eye, the other red, as if it sees your death within this eye. This creature had long forest green hair that stopped at the end of its long neck, which seemed odd to them, as its body is black and grey, the green would become noticeable, but they were sure the creature had its ways. What many did not know was that this..creature could change into a human male, a male that, to my imagination, may look like it's monster form,but, you wonder, how can they not tell it's the creature? I shall tell you. To their eyes, it is just another person. This is how it gets to his victims and then.. it pounces on them, the first slash not doing damage, as if it ripped your soul out right then, in an instant, the body is torn to shreds, the victim barely noticeable, blood, organs, skin, clothes, all over where this person was slaughtered, just as it liked it. Then, it would creep into the the shadows, death still lingering within the room. Most say, it's like being face to face with death, that you knew you were next if you felt the feeling of death wash over you, your very soul being ripped from your body. The creature calls this fun, but alas the tale never ends, the slaughters never stopped as many who were well known were going missing or found dead in their own homes or odd places. No one has ever found out its name for it, or shall I say he, but I always loved the name.. Axerian Envery and so..that is what he shall be called. Our tale ends here for now for I cannot give more information for I feel death's embrace upon me this instance. I shall leave you with this information to do with as you wish. Farewell and prosper.


Kills in his feral form
Behind the bandages is long sharp teeth
face is human like always and obscured by his hood
Blood usually leaks from the bandages since he never cleans after himself
ALWAYS wears a hood, human form or not

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Drawn by hi-biki

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