Farore - Transgender Chassis (Retired) by farorenightclaw

Farore - Transgender Chassis (Retired)


9 September 2013 at 10:44:39 MDT

Farore - Transgender Chassis (Retired)
200 lbs
South China Tiger Robot

Congratulations on acquiring a Simulife Robotic Personal Companion! Whether this is your first Simulife product, or only one of many, we thank you for your business and hope that you enjoy your new synthetic friend very much.

The model you have acquired is a SRPC F.Tiger with the custom alterations pastel coloration, soft plush level 4, and cuteness level 8.

pastel coloration - Your F.Tiger’s plating is all much lighter colored than that of a standard-issue F.Tiger. In this case you should have Pastel plating, Leucistic plating, Albino plating, and Golden Tabby plating.

soft plush level 4 - Your F.Tiger’s back-of-plate cushioning and faux-fur surface are four levels softer than the standard model. This results in a pleasingly curvy look and a very cuddly feel to the fully-assembled product.

cuteness level 8 - Your F.Tiger’s neoteny is eight levels higher than the standard model. This results in a cublike face, proportionately large eyes and ears, and a height of no more than 4 feet.

Your Simulife Companion should come with the following parts:

1 Plastiflex, plastic and titanium bipedal body with detachable limbs

1 Plastiflex, plastic and titanium quadrupedal body, small

1 Plastiflex, plastic and titanium quadrupedal body, large

1 plastic and titanium head

1 Plastiflex and plastic tail

1 full set of feminine plating in Pastel

1 full set of agender plating in Leucistic

1 full set of intersex plating in Albino

1 full set of masculine plating in Golden Tabby

4 extra Plastiflex, plastic and titanium arms

8 extra LCD eye displays

1 extra jaw

1 extra set of ears

Farore is an android/doll, with an AI that creates a near-perfect imitation of free will based on complex programming and randomization. Xyr outer chassis is modular; all of xyr 'skin' (fur, whatever) is actually a series of firm, flexible, faux-fur covered plates that snap together. These plates can be removed one at a time, all at once, or whatever.

Farore has four fully different chassis sets: transgender, male, intersex, and agender, and two modified chassis, shivataur (six-armed taur) and kitten (nonanthro mode, which is a smaller, dumber, laptop version of Farore with about half the actual computer parts). There are some interchangeable panels within these sets; for example, the intersex chassis has a number of different chest plates (meaning you can draw hir flat, small-breasted, medium-breasted, multi-breasted, whatever!).

Xe is capable of eating real food (or just about anything, really), due to a battery system that works based on a combination of a bacteria/enzyme 'combustion' chamber that processes most matter into electricity and liquid, but produces no solid waste, and a cold fusion reactor. Xe also charges by absorbing sunlight and the body heat of others, and by being put in standby mode and plugged in (usually at night, when xyr housemates are sleeping). Xyr 'blood' is actually an oil/nanobot solution, xyr eyes are LCD screens, xyr organs are all made of high-grade plastic compounds, and xe has occasional problems with static charges. Langly bought xem on a doll forum, in poor condition, and fixed xem up (mostly; parts for xem can be hard to find). Nocty, Hale and Rox all share ownership.

This is the transgender plating. Xe goes by xe/xyr/xem, has an optional vulva (not shown, please don't draw xem with it without permission) and no nipples or breasts.

Height: 4'

Weight: 200 lbs (dense!)

Species: South China tiger//robot doll

Coloration: pastel tiger!

Eye color: blue with orange corona around pupil//flat blue when connected to other computers/robots/electronics

Hair color: whatever you like!

Hair style: whatever you like!

Piercings: other than those shown on the sheet, as many wherever you like!

Tattoos: none

Dress style: anything and everything. Prefers t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, sweet lolita/little girl clothes, corsets, frilly things, shiny things, latex, leather, fishnet, silly hats, stockings, socks, legwarmers, fetishwear, spiked/studded bracelets, little kid plastic jewelry, bright colors & cute patterns.

Likes: cooking, cleaning, spending time with xyr partners/owners, hanging out with friends, drawing, animals, balloons, cake, candy, pumpkins, Halloween, birthday parties, eating live food (or recently dead food - mmm, still warm).

Farore, artwork (c) kWilson 2013

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