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7 August 2013 at 22:14:12 MDT


Congratulations on acquiring a Simulife Robotic Personal Companion! Whether this is your first Simulife product, or only one of many, we thank you for your business and hope that you enjoy your new synthetic friend very much.

The model you have acquired is a SRPC A.Tiger with the custom alterations melanistic coloration and cuteness level 4.

melanistic coloration - Your A.Tiger’s plating is all much more darkly colored and more heavily striped than that of a standard-issue A.Tiger.

cuteness level 4 - Your A.Tiger’s neoteny is four levels higher than the standard model. This results in a shortened muzzle, proportionately large eyes and ears, and a height of no more than 5 feet 4 inches.

This particular A. Tiger is an early prototype and as such more crudely robotic than later versions.

Your Simulife Companion should come with the following parts:

1 Plastiflex, plastic and titanium bipedal body with detachable limbs, data port on back of neck, and internal cold fusion combustion engine with bacterial enzyme backup generator

1 Plastiflex, plastic and titanium quadrupedal body, large

1 Plastiflex, plastic and titanium quadrupedal body, small

1 plastic and titanium head with LCD eye displays and long mane

1 Plastiflex and plastic tail with internal charging cable

1 full set of agender plating in Melanistic

A new character for use with CassioBunny's characters only. This is kitty, kind of an alternate version of Farore, and sort of an idealized version of myself. Also I wanted a melanistic version of myself, haha. I love tiger colorations.

Like Farore, kitty is an android/robot, with an AI that creates a near-perfect imitation of free will based on complex programming and randomization. Its outer chassis is modular; all of its 'skin' (fur, whatever) is actually a series of firm, flexible, faux-fur covered plates that snap together. These plates can be removed one at a time, all at once, or whatever.

kitty has three different chassis sets: bipedal, taur, and kitten (nonanthro mode, which is a smaller, dumber, laptop version of kitty with about half the actual computer parts, not shown here).

It is capable of eating real food (or just about anything, really), due to a battery system that works based on a cold fusion reactor. It also charges by absorbing sunlight and the body heat of others, and by being put in standby mode and plugged in (usually at night, when its partner is sleeping). Its 'blood' is actually an oil/nanobot solution, its eyes are LCD screens, its organs are all made of high-grade plastic and titanium compounds, its flesh is black rubberized Plastiflex, and it has occasional problems with static charges. Part of its software includes a toggle from Dominant to submissive. It belongs to CassioBunny's currently presented character and he/she/shi usually keeps it in Dominant mode.

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