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Ullr Grounsworth by Karaken

Ullr Grounsworth


Ullr Grounsworth
Beastelf (Panther)

Ullr Grounsworth, the older sister of Freya Grounsworth is a well accomplished hunter since birth, excelling in the ways of the bow like most elves. However, Ullr was different. Due to having a panther beastman in her blood, Ullr had the limbs of a panther which granted her greater speed and a bit more strength. This allowed Ullr to be able to draw a bow faster and use more taunt strings for stronger, more effective long-range attacks. When Ullr was ten and Freya six, their mother, weakened by sickness, was forced to sell her daughters in fear that worse circumstances would befall them. Ullr accepted the fate that befell them, but Freya could not once she figured out that they were not going home. Once met with their new 'master' Ullr was designated into the hunting party for her new 'master' and Freya as 'entertainment'. As Freya was a dancer and could not be marred, whenever she acted up, out of line, or made a mistake, it was Ullr who would pay the price of taking lashes upon her back, the number depending on the offense. Ullr did not mind this as Freya was someone precious to her, but it had left her back rather scarred. But even through all the pain, Ullr was always working with the hunting parties, even when she lost her eye. At the age of thirteen, Ullr and three other humans were hunting in the forest as per the usual routine. It was in the early hours of the morning, the sun only slowly painting the woods with its golden rays. With her eyes focused on a deer and bow pulled back, Ullr was ready to fire when a scream shattered the otherwise silent morning. Running to the side, Ullr caught the sight of one of the hunters being tossed and disposed of by a boar that was way bigger then the young beastelf. Scared as she was, the young girl readied her bow her bow before the boar noticed the little thing taking up a threatening posture. With the beast charging her, Ullr had to make a decision, fire the arrow and then dodge, or abandoning the shot all together and making a quick escape. Before Ullr could make the decision, her fingers let go of the string, her arrow flying at great speed as it hit, boar's eye... Unfortunately, the giant boar was still charging at full speed and the momentum was too great. Even though Ullr was able to jump out of the way from it's charge, it hit an old tree, shattering it. A large piece of wooden shrapnel speeding towards Ullr that she had no time to react. With a sicking "SCHLUNK!', the piece of wood had done to Ullr as she had done to the boar, burying itself into her eye. Luckily, the piece of wood did not travel far, but enough for the young girl to let out a blood curdling scream of agony, putting her on her knees in unimaginable pain. It wasn't until when the other hunters heard this that they ran to the screams, only to find something that truly astounded them, the boar. As a beastelf and a slae, Ullr was ignored til the boar was taken care of, one of the hunter's slitting its throat to ensure death, as well as taking credit along with the others for killing the beast before bringing Ullr before a healer. The process of removing the shrapnel was as painful as it was in how she received it. Ullr was believed to not make it within a fortnight, the risk of infection on such a young girl was high, but it seemed Ullr would not give in too fate, eventually pulling through,there was no rest for her, as soon as she showed signs of gaining strength, she was sent out once more with the hunting parties. As the years went by, Ullr became more and more self reliant during the hunts, as the men would always take credit for her work until she devised ways to keep kills and present them without the knowledge of the other hunters. It wasn't until the fateful night that Freya was about to be raped by their former master. Ullr was to be sent out with a hunting party to gather last minute provisions for the party that he was throwing. One of them men, forgetting what Ullr was and how sensitive her ears were, made mention of the lord's intentions. Ullr stood firm, anger swelling in her at such a rapid rate that she grabbed the nearest rock, bashing the man's head in as she drew two make-shift daggers, stabbing into the other two men before making her trek back to the estate. It was there she stopped their lord from performing any such actions with her sister, sending a stern message as well if he did not grant them their freedom. Once freed, papers signed, Ullr made haste to leave the estate with Freya in tow. Knowing that this freedom was only their's if they could leave the land before a party could be formed to take them back. It was from their that Freya and Ullr began their new life, always traveling, Ullr's hunting allowing them food as well as her pelts and Freya's dancing earning them gold to finance this life style, but Ullr had to always keep an eye out for Freya's mannerisms and dancing seemed to draw....Attention she deemed unnecessary as well as the filth it brought...

Art: Marauder6272

Ullr: Karaken

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